Music Catch Up 18/11/2012

The catch up continues! With all “new” people as the ones I’m caught up with didn’t really have much.

In addition to the regular podcast, won’t bother linking those but easy enough to find, the guys at Netsounds Unsigned have done a few more of their introducing posts. So here’s one on Verse Metrics, one on Three Blind Wolves and one on This Silent Forest.

The fine young fellows at Nut Productions have been rather quiet but I do have 3 videos of theirs to point you at (I’m going back to October 9th remember, hence why that’s relatively quiet). So first up here’s a local not local artists called Nick Murray doing an original called Once Upon a Time. He’s from Glasgow but is based in Tain, making him local not local opposed to the not local locals which are people who have moved away from here. Confused? Doesn’t really matter anyway. The other two videos are with not even slightly locals. Here’s Bastille doing an acoustic version of their track Bad Blood and then having a wee interview. Good get for the boys as they are taking off.

Oh lord, I’ve finally reached her. Rachel Sermanni time then. Here’s hoping she’s had a quiet month and a half. Nope, 21 links for you. I’ll try and organise them in some fashion. Won’t be chronological as I had a PC crash while collating the info.

So, video sessions or live from concerts. First up this French one of Ever Since The Chocolate, fully expect repeat tunes btw. And from the same Frenhc people, The Fog. Here’s one you’ve probably only heard if you saw her at a festival or possibly live. The Burger Van Song, inspired by working at a burger van at festivals. Be nice to the service people folks. From the same gig, here’s Marshmallow Unicorn. And here’s Sea Oh Sea (aka The Pirate Song). Puzzle Inn in Sowerby Bridge looks like a nice wee place! And this is from Ziggo Live, a TV show in Amsterdam. Interview and 3 session tracks, I assume it’s like their Jools Holland. Finally, here’s an artfully shot video of Bones filmed in what looks like an art gallery and sounds like a cafe, I think in Milan.

Radio sessions, I think there’s a couple. This one here is three tracks recorded for Folk Radio UK. And there’s this one for daytrotter which you have to subscribe to, 14 day trial. Dunno if it’s worth signing up for the paid service or not. She’s on form on this one though. Here is an interview with CUTV/Xpress Radio where the presenter really should have used that pop filter and maybe have dropped the gain a bit (everyone is a critic…). And here is the session that goes along with it. I think it might be a student production so I shouldn’t be so critical really.

Miscellaneous blog type things. Here’s a wee video Rachel did when she was leaving Hamburg, which she didn’t want to do. Cover of I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You. Awww. And this one filmed by someone or other features manic laughter and a big assed wave. I guess the bloke in that is Jonny Ray who is credited in this here video of wee bits and bobs from the tour. Says part 1 but I haven’t spotted other parts.

Little vignettes by Quintana films for individual tracks/the album. First up, Rachel getting covered in paint in the Bones one. There’s this one for Sleep, slightly disturbing with a clever edit. A hazy Autumnal memory for Waltz. And this lovely wee Scrabble board one for Marshmallow Unicorn.

And a couple of things that are purely music. First off a Discopolis remix of The Fog. Not my bag, but if it’s yours then it’s free. And here is what I believe is a new track called Lonely Taxi, 2AM from a compilation album called Whatever Gets You Through The Night. Which has some AMAZING artists on it and is also a film (weirdly the very end of Rachel’s track gave me an urge to watch an indie movie without knowing this).

And finally, a wee interview that’s for reading.

AAAAAAAAAAAAND I’m done. Finally caught up with what I knew would be a biggie. Yes, I did watch (or at least listen to) every single damned thing that I linked there. I have now gone slightly mental. Toodle pip!

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