Music Catch Up 19/11/2012

And so it continues. Not sure how much there will be in this as it’s getting on and I have a looooooong day tomorrow.

One piece of not catch up news. Apparently if you go to this page you are in with a chance of winning two tickets to Daft Funk in Dingwall on the 30th. I have no information beyond that. It’s nice to give to charity anyway.

How good are the Red Kites? Inter-species good, that’s how good. This dog is jamming along with them after all. Oh it’s all gotten a bit You’ve Been Framed hasn’t it… And that’s actually all I have for you from them as besides that it’s pretty much just been gig news, and they’re all down in England.

How’s about some Roadway then? Well in addition to meeting all the Star Trek captains (just Ross) it’s all go on recording the album. And there’s footage to prove it. This is how it started, how things are so far along I don’t know. I mean REALLY, is this how an album gets finished? COME ON GUYS! In all seriousness the drums and bass are done, think the guitars might be too. Keys and vocals not sure on. But they HAVE been working hard. This video contains actual work. See, it’s not all pizza and laundry. Some of it is making blanket forts.

And finally, yeah I said this might not have much in it, an artist who is normally quiet decided to post not 1 but 4 new tracks while I wasn’t paying very close attention. That’s good though. So here is some possibly scrappily recorded stuff by Robert King. Track one is called The Adventure, track two is Children of Children, track three is Dust and finally The Lesson Of The Mirror. Mighty fine stuff.

I DOUBT there will be a post tomorrow as I have a 15 hour day ahead of me, 12 of them working, before I get back home. Wednesday fo sho though as I’m committed to getting caught up. Even if it is just a wee bit at a time.

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