Music Catch Up 21/11/2012

Not sure why I’m putting dates on these really

Not a local gig but a local band. If you find yourself in Glasgow on the 6th of December you should go and see Donald Macdonald (And The Islands) playing in King Tut’s. The only reason I’m mentioning this? You can get a cheaper ticket if you get it direct from the band.

Something else you can get now as it’s just come out is Jock’s Juke joint Vol 2. A handful of tracks from volume 1 have had pretty extensive play on the radio show and the standard on volume 2 looks to be just as high, possibly higher, so you won’t regret picking one up.

That’s it for catching up, on to some new folks. Well not new, just not caught up.

I don’t think he’s ever appeared in a news post though he’s on the list of locals, what with local being really bloody big around here. So Roddy Woomble then. I saw him waaaaaay back earlier in the year at the Ironworks and it was a damned fine gig. As part of the set he played a couple of tunes from the forth coming album which will be coming forth in March next year. You’ll be able to buy one of 1000 limited edition ones before the end of the year though. Details when there are some. In the mean time there’s a couple of wee videos for you so you know what you’ll be getting, roughly anyway. First up My Secret Is My Silence recorded at a club CALLED Glee, he wasn’t on the show. Next up from the same gig Silver & Gold. Then there’s a couple from a session with Clean Slate Music. Here’s Every Line Of A Long Moment followed by A New Day Has Begun.

As I’ve reported before, Siiga has been releasing a new track each month of the year to build up an album by the end of it. It’s been over a month so there’s a new track. If you listen to the radio show it’s been played twice, if you don’t then the track is here. It’s called Embers and it’s lovely.

Team Kapowski have been well quiet. BUT the last comic was posted in the break, so click on the link to their page and check out the cover image.

Another scrappy video for you now from what was probably one hell of a gig. The Ballachulish Hellhounds supported Hayseed Dixie around a month ago and this is a wee bit of that. Ace.

Another video, another short but sweet update, completely different type of music. A remix by The LED is what you can here in the background of this Red Bull video of motorcross nutters. No idea if it’s through the whole video or not.

And we’re down to only ten bands that I need to look at. I know for a fact a couple of them have a couple of things, but on the flip side a couple probably don’t. So I expect I’ll be all caught up in a couple of days tops and this can go back to being news posts. Nice one.

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