Music Catch Up 22/11/2012 (AND I’M ALL CAUGHT UP NOW, YAY!)

Still on catch ups, may not be caught up with this post as the second item is super time sensitive!

First though, something that isn’t. A wee video of PAWS from their set in Berlin. Bit scrappy, but this is The Bubble Boy.

As for time sensitive, well it needs to be up before 8PM. Jemma Tweedie will be live in session on ECFM and you can hear it here . Looks like my station but in East Lothian there. Boo hiss! Nah it’s all good, I plan to listen. I’m also planning to start sessions at some point including one with Jemma eventually. Yay!

And finally for recent stuff, you guessed it Rachel Sermanni. First off a session that I don’t have time to listen to or that would be all there is for this post. Live uit Lloyd which is foreign, can’t remember where, and I guess means Live With Lloyd. She also does a tour blog on Tumblr which I haven’t linked until now as I’m a tube. And I don’t have a Tumblr.

Right, on to the catch up bit.

Two bits of news for The Maginot Band, both vague. They are on this podcast….somewhere. Not sure which one to be honest. And they have two new singles coming, one next month and one in January. Dates imminent and I for one can’t wait as I’ve been listening to them a fair bit lately. Brilliant stuff.

They have a couple of dates pending, keep an eye on The List, so you’ll be able to hear The Ragazzi live soon. You can hear them not live NOW though via soundcloud. New uploads are Ask Myself Why recorded live at The Greenhouse and Fresh Faced. Haven’t listened yet, will shortly, sure they are both ace.

Alas, Thousand Stars have decided to call it quits. Two members are off to new projects though. Andrew “Badger” Stewart is now the bassist for Furry Vengeance and Marc-Andrew Davidson has gone all solo accoustic.

I had a wee display driver fail so I assume this has video I can’t see. Here’s the Slim Panatellas playing the BSA festival in France last month.

Toby Michael’s Rolling Damned have plans, big plans, MOVIE plans. Before that they’re making a preview trailer thingy and therefore need actors. I’m one, so I’ve gone for it. And I’m not telling you how as there’s only two male roles and one female one. Only joking, go here if being in a film is a little bit of what you fancy. It’ll do you good.

AND I’M ALL CAUGHT UP! YAY! So next one will be a news post and hopefully I’ll never fall behind that badly again. Whew.

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