Music News 25/11/2012

Hey kids, a couple of bits and bobs for you today.

First up, THE LED have a new remix of Steve Aoki – Come With Me up at that link there.

Fantastic singer songwriter Emma Mitchell will be singing at the turn on of the Dingwall Christmas lights on the 1st of December. The event is on between 4 and 5pm and there’s also a fair and other entertainment. If I remember it’ll be in The List, which will be getting updated soon (busy busy boy)

Last weekend of the month so that means a new track from Siiga. The latest offering is called John’s A Ghost and you can hear and get it here. Marion will be giving it a spin on her show tonight on MFR as well, and it could also be getting played elsewhere ifyouknowwhatI’mhintingat.

And finally, Furry Vengeance member Ryan Golder has a new recording of Forever Criminal for you all to enjoy. Wrap your ears around this. Lovely.

Now I’m off to do the 8000 other things I have to do, yay! Fecbook likeys appreciated, spread the word and all that. And tune in to tomorrow between 6 and 8PM to hear some great tunes with an idiot in between. Dunno what yet as the play list is one of those 8000 things. You can also listen using a smart device and the TuneIn App, just search ABC Radio Alness. Sorted.

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