Music News 26/11/2012 (200th post on the site!)

Hey kids, here’s all the news from the last day pertaining to the Highland area music wise

First up, the Cleavers new EP Life Is Shit is available for download now. If you want a hold in your hands vinyl copy you’ll have to wait until Saturday.

Both Inverness Gigs and Netsounds Unsigned have posted about GoNorth. IGigs here and NUNs (that doesn’t work) here. Not much really, just when it is. But both sites also have another offering of the day. From Inverness Gigs it’s an interview with Abagail Grey ahead of the EP launch on Saturday at Velocity Cafe. And from Netsounds Unsigned it’s the latest episode of the podcast featuring lots of great music, including a track from that Cleavers EP there.

Possibly the first video evidence that Ashley and the Cosmonauts exist can be found here. Sorry, I don’t know anything about music so don’t know the name of the tune. It’s a cover. Mobile video and she has a powerful voice so usual slight distortion issue there. Nice work though Kenny.

And finally, a new mix of a Topher Elliott tune called The Old Wood. Just a demo but gives you a good idea of what you’ll be missing if you don’t catch him soon.

You, and therefore I, am now all caught up. Yay for that! See you…probably a couple of days as I get home late on Tuesday after the show. 7-9pm,, nice.

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