Music News 02/12/2012

Hey kids, itty bitty news post for the day

First, William Freeman has a new track up for free download on Soundcloud. It’s called Who Needs The Sun? which is a fitting name for Scottish Winter as it’s only up for a couple of hours a day. Hell, that applies at Scottish any time of year. A review of William’s EP will be on the site relatively soon but may be a few more days. Almost caught up with some other stuff I have to do first. Will be so nice to be caught up. Plus, it’s radio show day on Monday and Tuesday…

And second, (last bit for today, said it was itty bitty) Abagail Grey‘s Snowflake Remember EP launch was last night. I wanted to be there but all my money has vanished down the drain so I couldn’t. If you were there then you saw the video for Beauty wot is off that EP. If like me you weren’t you can now. Nice work by all, made me chuckle and was probably the easiest acting job Janey’s had as she got to sit down the whole time!

That’s it for today, back tomorrow. Like the Facebook page and remember to tune in tomorrow night between 6 and 8PM for some great music, a large chunk of which is local. or ABC Radio Alness on the TuneIn app. Cheers!

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