Music News 03 (oh alright 04 but there might be one in 22 hours)/12/2012

Hey kids, well late with this but I picked up an extra hour on the radio tomorrow and had to program it. On to the news then back to me

Thankfully, not a crazy amount of news. Siiga has announced the name of the last track of the album/year. It’s called Ikuenora and HE WON’T TELL ME HOW TO PRONOUNCE IT!!! Won’t matter if I get it wrong, no one will notice me making a mistake on the radio really. Par for the course. Anyway, there is also a wee blog entry on the journey from the start to here. There and back again kind of.

If you’re Hogmanay plans were Bogbain Farm and you don’t have a ticket yet then you are shit out of luck as it’s sold out. Never drag your feet on a Whisky’s gig.

Not much to report on the Leonard Jones Potential beyond the fact that they’ve been quiet….for a reason. They’ve been recording and plotting for next year. So I assume there’s either an album or EP coming, and a whole bunch of new tunes for gigging and that. Good good, look forward to hearing them!

And lastly, Roads To Damascus have teamed up with Dyke Primary School to do a wee Christmas Tune. You can hear it here. Aww, don’t they sound cute? And so do the kids. Mwuhahaha

SO me. Monday’s A Slice of Fried Gold Radio Show is now up on Mixcloud for the next week here. Give it a like, give it a favourite or whatever the heart is and share it about. Bumper edition tomorrow night from 6-9PM as young Callum who is normally on before me isn’t well so I’m filling in. 3 hours, woosh! All good tunes though. or via the TuneIn app on smart thingies, just search for ABC Radio Alness.

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