Music News 05/12/2012

Hey kids, here’s all the news from the last day or so.

First up, Mr Suddenly Well Prolific Robert King has uploaded a fifth video. It’s cracking, recording is somewhat scrappy again and it’s called Yes.

Not technically the Red Kites but Moteh’s old band that featured his brother Laurence Parrott on drums. Calum Martin recently found and remixed the band’s demos. They were called The Soundtrack, this is what they sounded like, and Red Kites fans will recognise Midnight Lights and The Artist as they were reworked for the newer band.

You can now get Megan Blyth‘s EP in a digital fashion. iTunes is here, hopefully it’s on other digital places too but that’s a personal preference and I don’t matter as I have a physical one. If you don’t then go get it. NOW. Then come back as….

Local singer/songwriter lassie Bethany Wappler has a new demo video thingy up. Taking a leaf out of Anna Sweeney’s book and not wasting any time with the recording basically. It’s called For You To Be You, it’s here, and it sounds rather good actually despite the gear not really being up to it. Nice one.

That’ll do ya, watch the videos, listen to the blast from the past, buy the EP, come back tomorrow, like on Facebook, listen to Monday’s radio show from, do what you want. CHEERS!

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