Music News 08/12/2012

Hey kids, no news post yesterday as there wasn’t any. There is one today though. Obviously, seeing as you are reading it.

The last track of Siiga‘s album is done. Finished. Have to wait a few weeks to hear it though. It’s recorded on analogue cassette (50 year old technology today) for a lo-fi quality that I think will really suit Siiga’s music. Nice one.

The Maginot Band have released a video and free download of one half of their forthcoming, well I guess it’s kind of arrived a bit, double A side. They’ve also released the name of the other track that’s not out yet. That’ll be Sombre Fayre. This is Veiled Clock though, and the video which consists of (what I think is) WWII footage and kids playing in snow, is here. Quite fitting really as it’s Pearl Harbor Day today. I’m just full of useless trivia today.

Alas, All Hat No Cat called of their appearance at the Greenhouse last night. As compensation for that they’ve uploaded a new track to Reverbnation. Wrap your ears around The Drifter, it’s very funky.

And that’s your lot for today. Cheers 🙂

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