Music News 12/12/2012

Hey kids, here’s the news from the last couple of days. And happy soundcheck/roadie day to all you tech bods out there. One two, one two, two, OH, one two. (most people leave the two, OH out)

First off, a bit of a change from those look back at the year articles from Inverness Gigs. This one is with brand new band Furry Vengeance, haven’t existed for a year so couldn’t do one anyway. Hell, they haven’t played a gig yet. It’s an enhancement/expansion/re-imagining of Barry and Ryan’s stuff so they KIND OF have…

Next up, a couple of videos from that The Ragazzi gig last Friday at The Eagle. First off a new one called Crystal and second off Phantom. Quality stuff.

And finally the Cleavers have an excellent video for the excellent The Posters Are Falling Off My Walls which is excellent and can be seen here. I’m loving the new trend, I say trend I’ve seen two, for making videos using vintage footage. This also has the boys dicking about at Halloween.

That’s it, will be back with more when there is some. I’m also renaming everything along the lines of Fried Gold Music so the names will change but everything will remain the same really. As this is vastly more a music site than everything else it makes sense. Plus a rather popular movie reference is hard to get user names and the like in. Facebook page has already changed. Shouldn’t really effect you at all at the moment but mentioning it all the same. Cheers!

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