William Freeman Sirens EP Review

Who? Well, William Freeman is a young singer/songwriter who comes from Lossiemouth (if I remember correctly) but has shifted to Glasgow, so another one of those non local local people. I thought it was the other way around until I hit his bio. Anyway I was talking to Jemma Tweedie one evening and she said (paraphrase) “I’m at a gig, you should check this guy out”. So I did, dropped him a mail, said to buy her a pint if he was near her, they were standing next to each other, a wee bit after he sent me an EP.

This was a while back but I’ve been rather busy. Takes me a while to get to EP/album reviews sometimes. Need to fix that. And get to more gigs so I can review them. I digress.

So he sent me a copy of Sirens and if you are a listener to the radio show you may well have heard the title track a couple of weeks back. So what’s the whole thing like? For the most part it’s heartfelt emotional singing with heavy strumming and some twiddly bits here and there.

Title track Sirens opens things up at quite a mellow pace, with what I assume is layered guitar work unless he switches between twiddling and strumming super fast. William makes good use of silences and the track varies between mellower moments and more thrashy ones in a sort of lengthy wave. Classic song structure really. If I had something bad to say about it it’s that it’s maybe a bit longer than it needs to be. That said, not sure where I’d trim any but it would probably be somewhere in the last third. All three tracks on the EP are lengthy ones so you do get a fair chunk of music for your buck (well, £2.37). There’s also a very nice guitar break at the 4.20 mark

(Spare some) Change Is a bit of a mellower affair all over, with some intricate guitar work and lighter strummy bits and again makes good use of silences. And the same can be said for By Your Side, the third track on the EP though it’s more strummy. It also occasionally has a bit of an indie rock vibe to it, possibly down to the use of strumming rather than finger work. It finishes very strongly and draws the EP to a good close.

Over all it’s an enjoyable EP and well worth picking up. That said if this was a longer work I could see it getting a little bit too samey so if there is some kind of album in the works situation I’d be looking for a bit more variety than is on offer here, but this is only 3 tracks after all. This does act as a good introduction for a young musician who I’d be very happy to hear more from.

You can pick up a copy of Sirens on iTunes (blech) here. I think someone needs to explain to Apple what an EP is btw, that’s not the first time I’ve seen one described as a single…

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