Music News 15/12/2012

Hey kids, here’s the latest from folks from around the Highland area that I know about so don’t be mad if you aren’t in it

Not that anyone ever has been.

First up another one from The Ragazzi boys. Here’s Socially Awkward. May be a couple more to go, but I think we’ve had a fair bit of the set so far. Lucky people that we are.

Next up one from a band who are kind of on a development break, but stuck up a video anyway. Well I say video, it’s really audio. Here’s Fifi and Rodaidh with a cover of Halo by Beyonce. Nothing wrong with the odd cover and very good it is too.

Last video for today, second last bit of “news”. The boys from Last Summer Effect have a Christmas number with an accompanying video. And a press release, so I have words to say, which is nice. The song was originally started last year but not completed in time so they sat it on the back burner. The video and audio was recorded by the band themselves and a few friends. Credit where credit is due, so Katy Gilchrist and Jodie Macpherson provide backing vocals and Katy also did the filming. And recording engineer was Alice Black. I believe the song will also be available free for nothing. Here’s the video for Red and Gold. Looks like they had a blast filming it and that’s the whole point really. Always seem to be enjoying themselves this lot which is great. Yeah creative stuff is work, but it’s FUN work. Or should be.

On a side note, I’m still looking for a couple of Christmas tunes for Santa to play on his special when he does a takeover of my Christmas Eve/Day show. If you have something give me a shout at or via Facebook

Actually two things as one just appeared in front of my face. Tonight on BBC Alba they’ll be showing some highlights of this years Belladrum so watch that from 9PM and you may see some familiar bands. Well, probably lots of familiar bands but I mean locals. And finally, Sid Innes has gotten himself a web presence. Yay! Normally that name doesn’t have a link as he’s just got a profile and I try not to link to those. So go check him out.

That’ll do it, peace out y’all.

Man I’m white.

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