Music News 17/12/2012

Hey kids, couple of wee bits and bobs for you.

First up, Brew at the Bog 2013 have announced most of their line up. My preview piece is here and will be updated with descriptions of the bands over the next few days. Monday and Tuesday being a bit of a wash for me because of the radio show. That’s also Star Wars day, so hopefully some Jedi will show up. ALSO ANNOUNCED for that week in May, Public Service Broadcasting will be playing the Ironworks on the 2nd. Essentially I want to hibernate until May now.

Lewis Hamilton Music have a wee Christmas present for any blues fans out there. You can stream all of Jock’s Juke Joint Volume 2 right here on Reverb Nation. Cracking present that.

And lastly, Megan Blyth had an accoustic gig in the Ironworks on Sunday. A video from that gig has emerged. A very rare cover from Megan, here’s her doing 7 Nation Army. Very soulful rendition, cracking stuff.

That’s your lot, check you…well tomorrow possibly. Don’t forget to tune in to tomorrow from 7 till 9 for a local extravaganza as I plug every danged gig I know about for the rest of the year

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