Inverness Women’s Aid Fundraiser At The Eagle Preview!

I love women. A lot. They’re pretty and they smell good. I’m not saying they’re perfect by any means, but women? Okay in my book. When I was a kid we were taught a very important thing as boys. You don’t hit girls. Ever. Even though girls had a tendency to kick you in the shins. Well, that might have just been me.

It’s resulted in me being pretty much incapable of hitting a girl. At all. I’m not violent anyway but there’s a proper physical block there. I am perfectly capable of hitting a guy who does though. Not that that’s a solution at all. Makes me bloody mad though. THANKFULLY there are people much smarter than I am working on solutions and support for ladies who have been abused.

Inverness Women’s Aid, a division of Scottish Women’s Aid, is one such group of smart people. They campaign and lobby for effective responses to abuse, along with providing aid and shelter where needed. I’ve seen the effects of abuse, it leaves women and children terrified and vulnerable. The effects can last a life time but help….well, it helps. A safe environment and some assistance can get people back on their feet and kids can be pretty resilient. Needing help isn’t a sign of weakness, god knows these people have probably been told how weak they are enough. Being a victim isn’t a sign of weakness. I’ve know some DAMNED TOUGH women who’ve had a rough time of it. If I had my way we wouldn’t NEED people like Inverness Women’s Aid. Unfortunately we do. So we should probably help. BUT I don’t expect you to just do that. This is an entertainment blog, someone is putting on some entertainment for it.

That someone being The Eagle. 4 lovely ladies, and a couple of lovely gentlemen, will be providing some lovely music for you on the 18th of January to raise money for Inverness Women’s Aid. Which is lovely of them.

Josephine Sillars = A young lady who sings a heck of a tune and plays one heck of a piano, a top one cracking Ironing board.
Emma Mitchell = Plays a mean guitar and has possibly the finest set of pipes (singing, not bag) in the area
Jemma Tweedie = A young lady who also plays one mean guitar and also has a cracking singing voice
Sara Bills & The Hasbeens = A lady fronted folk rock group who belt out some cracking tunes, and this is where the gentlemen come in.

Lovely people the lot of them. I assume that there will be an entry by donation or buckets going about or something. Bring your ears and bring your money. It’s an extremely worthy cause and 4 extremely good acts so you can’t lose. See you there 🙂

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