Music News 21/12/2012

Hey kids, possibly the last music post as the Mayans did a calender but didn’t put a clock along with it so not sure when the world was meant to end. Sure The Doctor is stopping it as I type though so here is a couple of videos for your enjoyment.

First up from Abagail Grey there’s a live front room recording of Bee from Snowflake Remember. A review of that will be coming shortly. The EP, not the video. You can just watch the video for yourselves. It’s a duet between Abagail Grey and Meeshelle. Right now I can’t tell you if the EP version is or isn’t as I’ll be picking up my copy in about 20 minutes.

Next up, Jamie from Be Like Pablo has done an acoustic cover of a Christmas tune that’s not really all that Christmassy when you get down to it. It’s by East 17, slightly younger people know them as E17 and young people know them as who the hell are they? Stay Another Day then. Good cover that, even if it makes the singer a bit uncomfortable.

And finally, Phillipe from PAWS did a dirty wee acoustic laptop recording of a new tune one morning. It’s called Asthmatic and you can get it for a quid. All proceeds go to Cancer Research UK so it’s like putting money in a bucket BUT you get a rather good song for it instead of just a chinking noise as the money hits the bottom. Which is nice. Has a bonus track vibe to it.

That’s your lot. Things are a bit quiet at this time of year so who knows if there’ll be another news post for a few days. I’m on the radio tomorrow between 2 and 3PM and taking requests, so feel free to ask for your favourite Christmas tune. or ABC Radio Alness on the TuneIn App. Also a review of that Abagail Grey EP and if all goes to plan a review of tomorrow nights Donald Macdonald (And the Islands) gig in the Greenhouse. I believe Alice from the Young Trees is supporting so well worth battling through the torrential rain for that.

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