Music News 23/12/2012

Well what do you know, there is some stuff for you after all. No rest for the wicked I guess so….

First up, a couple more of those Inverness Gigs look backs. So here is Mr Toby Michaels, Miss Josephine Sillars and Mr Iain Mclaughlin‘s takes on 2012. Nearly at 2013 already!

And if you don’t want to read there’s a couple of videos for you to stare at/just listen to. From Be Like Pablo there’s a requested Christmas cover of Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakey Stevens. And bizarrely from the same town Sid Innes, weird co-incidence that, has an original seasonal tune for everyone. It’s called The New Dawn Is Here and it’s at that link there.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow, or Christmas Day if you prefer as it’s repeated, tune in to for my Christmas special. Hosted mainly by Santa it features music from unsigned and indie artists like what the show normally does but all Christmassy. That’s from 3-5pm both days. Right now though Marion Scott on MFR is doing HER Christmas special, odd track cross over there no doubt, so go give that a listen. She has celebrity guests and stuff too, should be cracking.

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