Music News 26/12/2012

No rest for the wicked! Well that’s not entirely true, I took yesterday off. Anywho a plethora of videos for you and a couple of demos before some of them become completely irrelevant.

It’s Boxing Day so you can still get away with a bit of Christmas music. Fash Stewart had his camera out over the weekend at the Tea Posy so first up here’s a few videos from his Christmas Bash on Thursday. Here’s The Fedarals with My Bucket’s Got a Hole In It. Next up, Chris Roberts with Santa’s Workshop. Not for kids really, and yes puns are too far man! Follow that up with Dan Leckie with White Christmas/I’m a Monkey. And finally, possibly, another traditional one. This is Josephine Sillars with a lovely rendition of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas that brought one audience member to tears!

I say possibly because I’m not sure if this one is from the Christmas Bash or the Saturday Set. So this is the Slim Panatellas with guests Hamish Roberts and Fash Stewart (HOW DID HE FILM IT THEN?!) with Worried Man Blues. Going by the fact that Donald is there and not Santa that’s from Saturday. From later that Saturday, here’s a chunk of the Donald Macdonald (and the Islands) set which was awesome and is reviewed here.

Managed to continue my trend of not getting caught on film there too.

New demo time, this one from Sid Innes. Little lo-fi recording of new tune When Yer Bloo which is an uplifting wee number.

And lastly a band I don’t write much about as they don’t post much, Great White Elephant with a new acoustic demo called Smile which is fantastic and shows that we need more of them please.

That’ll do ya, back to day job tomorrow so if you still have time off have a lie in for me would ya? Sigh…

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