Music News For The Highlands 02/01/2012

Hey folks, time to get the fingers back to the grindstone. Or keyboard, easier to type words on them…

And I’ll kick the year off on a down note, just to get the sad bits out of the way. The Ragazzi are unfortunately not a band anymore. Whether people are headed off to new projects I don’t know, but if you didn’t catch them you won’t have the chance now. Plenty of videos on You Tube though so you can still get a taste of what you missed. The other sad bit? Toby Michaels’ Rolling Damned have lost their eye candy as Gary “Dreamboat” Thain is no longer part of the band. He’s still available in KOBI form though so all is not lost ladies. And some men.

On to some happier stuff then.

The last track from Siiga‘s 2012 album project is now out. If you listened to the show on Monday, and I’ll link this weeks in a bit, you’ll have heard it. If not go here. The complete album, and a book of some kind, will be available at some point this year and is called The Sea And The Mirror. Until then I believe you can get the individual tracks if you click about on that site.

It’s been a while but Naked Strangers have added a few new tracks to Soundcloud. Two to be exact. First up, Sweet Little Rose followed by The Ballad Of Henry Lee. Or listen to them the other way around, I’m not your boss.

I’m also very glad to say that The Frues have a few tunes up on Soundcloud now with a new one on the way. They were one of the locals I didn’t have any music for. Problem now solved 🙂

Final new tune, I say new but I’m a few days behind, comes from singer songwriter Sid Innes. Here’s Reflections of the Day which is free for nothin if you want to carry it around with you.

And that’s that for today. If you missed them, here’s this weeks radio shows. The first is my pick of acts from the Highlands for 2013 and the second covers everywhere else. Enjoy listening and thanks for reading 🙂

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