Music News 03/01/2012

Only a short one today. I’d store it up BUT a couple of the things are opportunities for some local musicians so I want to get them up there.

Topher Elliott is looking to expand his act a bit, or at least have a muck about and see what it would sound like, by adding a violinist. If you are a violinist and fancy a jam give him a shout.

Hoots want to include some local music in their jukebox up in The Bothy. If you have an EP/album/couple of tracks lying around (not sure on the kind of jukebox so digital might be fine) then send an email to Also, if you want a gig January 19th WAS open in Mad Hatters and might still be so drop a mail to the address there for that too.

While I’m mentioning gig opportunities, Matt Sillars is looking for people to play Saturday Set’s in The Greenhouse. If you have a Saturday afternoon free contact him or me and I’ll pass it along.

And finally, said it was short, KOBI have announced their next single. It’s called All The Way, you may have heard it if you caught the band live, and was recorded at Bogbain farm by CMPS. The single was also produced by Grammy award winning producer Steve Orchard so it should sound pretty darned tootin. It’s out later this month, date to be announced, but if you are in a hurry to hear it you can do so in the jukebox in The Bothy. And it might just show up on a certain radio show.

That’s it for today, get emailing if the first four things applied to you.

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