Music News for the Highlands 05/01/2013

HA I wrote 2012 in the title there but caught myself. Silly Dave…

So 3 videos, 1 tune and 2 little bits of news for you today. The news is both sad and happy, though the happy obviously depends on if you like the bands in question. The sad news is, and I’m just going by what I’ve heard, the Newmarket Bar/Venue in Thurso appears to be closed for a bit. Or forever. Not sure which, I only have news from a couple of bands having to cancel gigs. I’ve never been, not sure if I would ever go as it’s further north than I’m normally found, but have heard many good things.

The GOOD news is that two bands are currently recording or about to record. Cactus & Cardigan will start recording their first EP next week. Whether I’ll be able to play any of it on the radio is anyone’s guess. AND The Whisky River Band started recording their second album yesterday! I didn’t realise they were knocking one out this soon so I’m really chuffed at that news. Should be able to play that, though no doubt with a bunch of radio editing because they can be sweary bastards.

The 1 tune is an oldie from Sid Innes. 7 years old now to be exact, well more like 6 probably. It’s called Feeling Quite Happy and was insipred by a sunset,awww.

Last Summer Effect, well Robbie at least, have decided to prove how right all of us were in including them in our ones to watch lists with their next hit. The Biscuit Song then, expect to see that at the next gig. And things are getting back to normal after the festive season so this news post will be more like they have been in the past. By that I mean “every post features Cleavers and Rachel Sermanni“. And I witnessed both of these videos live, though only the first in person. Here’s a bit of the Cleavers frenetic set from the Winter Showcase (I’m way off to the left so not on this thankfully) and here is the edited together bits of Rachel and the girls performance on BBC Scotland’s Hogmanay coverage. Prime spot too, before and after the bells. Was very glad when she started playing The Fog when I was in the pub and pulled up a chair at the telly.

That’s your lot for today. The picks for 2013 shows will stay up on Mixcloud for a couple of weeks, so check them out and spread them about if you haven’t already.

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