Music News for the Highlands 20/01/2013

Hey everybody, it’s a Sunday so that means it’s music news time. Not huge amounts this week so could well just be the one post.

Garth Hotel Grantown: No link for that as I have no idea if it’s on Facebook and only vaguely know where it is. ANYWAY, Gary Brindle has been in touch as he is hoping to get fortnightly open mics going again. If you are interested and are in the Grantown area give me a shout and I’ll pass word along. Or give Gary a shout if you know him.

Fifi & Rodaidh: The duo promised that they were working on new stuff while they were taking a gigging break, and true to their word there’s a new number for you. It’s called What Is It You Want and the answer is “a bit more of that please”. There’s also rumblings on some kind of change that I don’t know anything about at all AND they’re back gigging so keep an eye out.

Rachel Sermanni: Is, or was, at Celtic Connections and will be in Italy at some point but neither of those things would lead to inclusion in this here post. What DOES lead to inclusion is the release of Ae Fond Kiss, her single who’s proceeds go to Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy. The single is available for pre-order in all the old familiar digital places and is out on Friday so go order up a copy, it sounds lovely.

Robert King: The wandering minstrel will be releasing a new EP in the next month or so. It’ll be called Maps of Places That Don’t Exist and will no doubt be rather damned good. Roberts album That I Am Actually Here is a corker and has some mighty fine guitar playing and singing on it.

Estrella: OH FUCK THERE’S ONLY A DAY FOR THIS! Estrella have been nominated for two awards, album of the year and breakout of the year by RockFusion Online. Handily they have set up an event with the details so go here, following the links and give the boys a wee vote. On a side note I tried some Estrella beer last night. Not bad, wouldn’t turn my nose up at it or anything but the band is better.

HMV: WELL you don’t need me to tell you what’s going on with HMV. My couple of pennies on it though. I think the staff at the Inverness HMV do a hell of a job and obviously care about various bits of the entertainment biz, whether it’s the local music section, in store sessions or Andy’s movie blog. They’re active in the social networks and give a shit about their customers. Also, the first place I heard about ABC Radio was from HMV so I owe the people there for that! Thanks for everything guys and I hope something comes up to land you all on your feet.

Inverness Gigs: I COULD just nick the bit of news from this piece but that would be a bit dickish of me SO, Inverness Gigs had an interview with Duncan “Matchstick Maker” Overmeer where he reveals that there is an album on the way. The Rumour Mill would seem to be under the Matchstick Maker moniker and will be out later this year. Can’t wait!

William Freeman: Well, he said on his page on Thursday that there were 3 vids coming over the next 3 days (cover, original, new original) and then….just did the one. Always be careful what you announce you’ll do cause then life gets in the way! Happens to everyone. Anyway the one that he’s posted is a damned good cover of Proof by I Am Kloot so wrap your ears around that.

Naked Strangers: I expressed a difficulty in telling what was just Matt and what was Naked Strangers last week. WELL that won’t be an issue anymore as Naked Strangers is done and dusted. Almost. As you can see on that poster there they have one more gig in Ullapool. And they’ve only got Cuddly Shark along as well! Would love to go but alas I have trouble enough getting back from Inverness and would be a homeless man on the streets if I went to this. But if you can you should totally go. Here’s a sample of the kind of thing you’ll be able to see, a wee video of King Grease filmed in that there Ceilidh Place.

Lionel: If I remember rightly I was at they’re first couple of gigs, and have had to leave before they play at every one since. Anyway last time I saw him young Joshua let me know that a Lionel EP was being mastered. Recorded in November and it’s just being refered to as Novemeber EP when they write so I don’t know the name, two tracks are now available on the band bit of their Facebook. And it sounds bloody awesome.

The LED: This weeks token bit of dance music (I kid, if there is stuff I know of I’ll stick it in but I’m even more useless at electric music than I am at the other stuff) is a remix of No Good by The Prodigy. It’s from MY era kind of, mid to late 90’s electronic stuff was damned good at times and I was slightly paying attention, so I do know the tune. And it’s a damned fine remix

Roads To Damascus: Forres’ masters of Prog have been rehearsing away and reworking existing stuff a bit to get nice and awesome for the year ahead. They’ve put up a wee video of some Frustration rehearsal. That’s the name of the tune. And OMG, it’s sounding bloody good like.

With that crappy joke I shall leave you for this week. Tune in to the radio show this Monday and Tuesday from 6-8PM on or ABC Radio Alness via the TuneIn App. You can follow Fried Gold Music on Facebook and the Twitters. Thanks for reading 🙂

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