A Slice Of Fried Gold Radio Show Play List For 28/01/2013

Here’s what you heard on the show this evening:

Rob Heron And The Tea Pad Orchestra – Rich Man Now
Galoshins – Shake Up
The Little Mill Of Happiness – Cold Blooded Revelry At Whitson
Common Tongues – Solitary Thinker
Paul Banks – Young Again
Skeleton Verse – Stone Paper Scissors Paper Metal Head Or Tails
Indians – I Am Haunted
Fryars – In My Arms
Lace and Whiskey – Confuse The Mind
Rachel Sermanni – Ae Fond Kiss
Kwes – Rollerblades
Last Summer Effect – Have You Heard?
Sam Forrest – Clear
Cuddly Shark – Trigger Happy
Garden Of Elks – Rowan’s Magical Bucket
Anna Sweeney – Take A Long Walk
Esben And The Witch – Deathwaltz
David Jones Esq – Fall From Grace
Washington Irving – Holy Company
The Whisky River Band – Don’t Think
Spoke Too Soon – You’ve Had Your Fun
The Trade – Do You Want It
Furry Vengeance – My Little Ray of Sunshine

And it’ll be up on Mixcloud soon. Next show is on Tuesday 29/01/2013, 6-8PM GMT at http://www.abcradio.co.uk or ABC Radio Alness via the TuneIn app. Thanks for listening! Subscribe to Fried Gold Music on Facebook and Twitter

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