Colin Cannon’s Charity Gig 2nd March

Last year Colin Cannon hosted a charity gig in the British Legion in Dingwall to raise money for TEACH. If I recall correctly the donations where to enable him to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise even more money. It was very successful, a good time was had by all and I couldn’t go as I think it was at the same time as Brew at the Bog.

Due to last years success he’s doing it again, at a bigger venue and on a different date SO…..I still can’t go as it’s this Saturday and I’ll be in Aviemore for a different festival. If you aren’t going to that you should totally go to this instead. Here’s what you get, it’s all over the joint!

Toecutter – LOUD metal. Like really loud, with thrashing guitars and screaming. RAAWR
Dougie Burns – One of the areas premier blues men. Toe tapping blues tunes, possibly accompanied by a harp (that’s a mouth organ, not a side ways piano). New album on the way soon so go check him out. Greenhouse regular.
Colin Cannon – I’ve only seen Colin play once and it was around a year ago which was a lot of music ago for me. So….can’t remember if he’s folk or blues but I know he plays guitar and sings. And he’s good at it.
Neil Cannon – No idea, I’d assume the same kind of deal as the above
DJ Will Haldane – Pretty obvious really, his first name isn’t DJ.
Mrs Miggins Pie Shop – THE PIES ARE BACK! Fantastic cover band. Well I say that but I don’t know if I ever caught the pies back in the day. I have caught various members in other bands over the years. They’re a top bunch of guys though and play some damned fine rock music.
Mina Taylor – Didn’t realise she was local! Mina is on the shows play list. She play country tinged rock, good stuff.

Frankly Dougie and the Pies are worth the entry themselves, not to say everyone else isn’t really good too but that’s the main draw for me from the line up. Plus it’s for charity, so get your arses along, rock out a bit and get hammered for a good cause. Probably a bit late to order a ticket remotely (sorry about that) but I assume ones are available on the door. National Hotel in Dingwall, this Saturday, celebrate/commiserate the result of the Highland Derby, this is what TEACH does and this is what he’s climbing:


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