BREAKING NEWS: Get Your Finger Out For Brewbog

And something about a new Pope….

Anyway, lazy bastard time for me. Completely copied and pasted:

Brew at the Bog, the festival run by craft brewers BrewDog and ‘Scotland’s Best Unusual Venue’ Bogbain Farm tonight revealed that ticket sales for the 2nd Brew at the Bog festival are enjoying a 248% increase on last year.
The festival, which takes place on Saturday 4th May in Inverness, is a showcase of Britain’s best indie talent alongside the craft beers from the bad boys of brewing, BrewDog.
Festival director, Yvonne Murray remarked, “While many giant festivals struggle to shift their £200+ tickets in their previous “record” times, the small, boutique festivals in the country are experiencing a well deserved boom. We are riding the ticking bomb of these overpriced money grabbing events like whooping cowgirls by providing a very welcome alternative – and the stratospheric rise in the Brew at the Bog ticket sales proves this.”
Brew at the Bog was hailed as having one of the best homegrown lineups in living memory by music bloggers last year and the 2013 event sees Fatherson, Three Blind Wolves, Miaoux Miaoux alongside almost 40 other acts descend on Inverness, and the tickets are priced at £20.


Geeky reference there. Me and un-named band slagged off T in the Park in an interview because, well fuck T in the Park. I can roughly calculate what that amounts to in ticket sales and with the amount of time left….don’t hang about. The tickets are extremely cheap at £20 for the fest, £30 for the fest + good craic camping times. Go get one NOW. I’ll have a proper preview piece on here some time in the near future and there’ll be a session with Randolph’s Leap on the show to whet your appetite, but don’t wait for either. Go go go. The new Pope commands it! Probably. I don’t speak Latin.

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