Music Plus Showcase April 20th Preview!

Music plus. Whassat then? Well it’s an organisation that mentors and educates young musicians on various aspects of the business. From the creative side with songwriting and mentor-ships to the boring stuff like marketing yourself. It takes some great young musicians, nurtures them a bit and hopefully gives them an idea of what they need to do to stick around long enough to be some great old musicians. They also make me feel ancient and talentless which gives me an excuse to drink beer. Yay!

Half of the above is guess work btw as I only know roughly what they do. You can find out some more here. I know it’s a good thing though. And it also gives you the opportunity to hear a half dozen good things. For free. Here are those things. And by things I mean very talented musicians.

Yay, you should totally go! That’s Alice! At the front.

Alice Bentley – I want to repeat what I wrote for the showcase piece a month back but that would be really lazy. Been through one band already and still going, there’s some staying power for you. Also survived doing a session on my show. Great voice, great guitar playing, hopefully taming the old butterflies, good start to this list which is in no particular order.
Imogen Hay – No idea. An enigma wrapped in a puzzle. Your guess is as good as mine. Never heard her. WHICH IS THE POINT! Look forward to what she sounds like, no doubt rather good as she’s in this thing. This is why we go to showcase events after all, right?
Josh Mackenzie – Dave you idiot, that’s a link to Lionel. WELL when you add a ua to the end of his name Josh is the lead singer/guitarist of said band. A very very good band that haven’t been around for more than 7 months or so but took the battle of the bands that launched the Eagle Upstairs by storm. Not sure I’ve heard him by himself but I’m sure he’ll be very good as his band is.
Molly Nolan – Another new one for me but this one has a page, yay! In a select group of, as far as I’m aware, 3 ladies that sing and play the piano. The standard is very high in that group and (from what I’ve heard) Molly holds her own nicely. Sounds a bit like a young Abagail Grey for a probably not good comparison. Should give you an idea anyway. But you’re already going right? Still have some icing for this cake.
Dylan Tierney – Future session guest and fairly exploded when he hit the local scene recently. Talent beyond his years, great retro sound, dude that plays the guitar AND I’ll finally see him play live after failing a number of times so far. Yay!
and finally Jemma Tweedie – though to be fair I don’t know if this is the actual running order. No stranger to readers of this page or listeners of the radio show (and she’s included in this one). Worth the ticket price alone!

And that’s Jemma. I cropped myself out as I just look confused at how to work the camera. It was a new phone…

Aaaaaaaand that ticket price is actually free for nothing as there aren’t tickets, just show up. Anyone under 16 needs an over 18 with them though, and anyone over 18 is big enough and ugly enough to look after themselves. I know I am. I’ll be there, in fact I’m missing Doctor Who for it so it BETTER be good. Hope a lot of you will be there too 🙂

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