Rock Yes! 31st May at the Raigmore Hotel preview

In around a year and a half, in fact as I write this 486 days from now, Scotland will go to the polls to vote on being an Independent country. If you’re firmly on the no side I’d stop reading now as this won’t be for you. WELL, you might like the music but you’ll no doubt end up in a heated shouty debate (Fash is playing, Fash is a passionate man). Funnily enough unless the music was REALLY good you wouldn’t see me writing about a Better Together concert so no judgement from me if you jog on.

So pretty obvious what way I’m voting then eh? This is a music page so I won’t go on some kind of political rant. But this is essentially a political rally and the proceeds go to the Yes campaign to help convince those in the middle to vote the right way. So think about it like one of those charity events I write about a fair bit. There will no doubt be political bits between acts, and no doubt the same from the acts themselves. Some of them anyway. So who are those acts? I have no idea what the running order is so in no particular order:

The Mystic Shoes: A band that’s a whole lot of fun. Main stays of the local scene, they play covers though I think they may have some originals as well. Lots of energy, great tunes.

Rachel Campbell: She’s a fiddler and a damned fine one at that. No idea if she’ll be accompanied by anyone but I kind of assume so. Ceilidh style traditional music whether it’s with someone or not. I’ve only heard the one video from that page but she’s bloody good going by that. With the two acts I’ve already listed I’d expect people to be pretty knackered from dancing.

Jamie Marshall: Mellow blues rock, the tune currently playing in my ears fits the Crowded House influence. Coming all the way from Prague for this. Well, I dunno if he’s travelling on the day or that….

Fash Stewart: Country, Folk, Blues, Americana….frankly we’ll be lucky if he remembers that he’s meant to be playing and that he doesn’t just rant for the whole set! Only joking. Mellow poetic stuff for some, getting the crowd going for the rest.

dorec-a-belle: 4 lovely ladies playing jazzy folk stuff. Sounds French cafe style to me much of the time if that triggers the right kind of sound in your head. Played on the show plenty so you should know what they sound like anyway. Very good stuff.

Emma Mitchell: Hell of a voice, great guitar, damned fine song writing. Whether it’s just Emma or if she’ll have the blues band with her I don’t know. Haven’t PROPERLY heard the later yet, but have heard her (and the various parts) on her own. Either way it’ll be bloody good.

The Slim Panatellas: Last but far from least. Fair chance other people from the above will be drawn in to the eclectic mish mash that is a Slim Panatellas set. You’re never entirely sure what you’re going to get with these guys but it’ll be good craic whatever it is. And they most certainly WILL get political. Be ready to sing along as well.

All of the above is a fiver from here or on the door, and that door is the one in to the Raigmore Hotel. That door opens at half 7 and it’s to support Yes Scotland. Should be a fun night, but not as fun as the one we’ll be having in 487 days 😉

PS: Please no political comments here or on the Facebook page, this isn’t the place for it. Yes I realise that’s a bit ironic but I don’t want a flame war on my page

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