Randolph’s Leap Real Anymore review

I love me a bit of Randolph’s Leap. Not the bit of river, but the band named after it. I first heard them just over a short 9 months ago and in that time there’s been an EP (the Hermit EP), a single (News, the jauntiest tune ever to be jauntily played and have a mug associated with it) and now a mini-album.

Just because I want it to be a term one day, it’s an IP. Too long to be an Extended Play, too short to be a Long Play, Intermediate Play or IP. I’ll keep using it until everyone else does. Or at least until people stop giving me a funny look when I use it.

ANYWAY I occasionally forget that it’s actually an 8 or so member band as the one time I’ve seen them live it was just two. If you’ve been listening to the show for that long you may have heard the session that they did for me at that gig as well, which included my favourite session moment so far. I’ll leave that for when we get to the relevant song though.

So what does Real Anymore offer for the discerning music listening person? Things kick off with Conversation, a lo-fi essentially solo track. Adam gently saying hello at the start of the album. I’ll jump about a bit and shoot straight to track 5 Winceworthy which is the other mellow one, though less so as the band is involved. Both have clever lyrics and are a bit quirky. Hell, it’s all a BIT quirky.

Track 3, Psychic, is the one that tells a story. Whether it’s a true story or not I have no idea. It’s also rather chilled, set to a waltz beat and full of clever rhymes including “I went for pakora with Derek Acorah”. It also has the most sensible lyric flow, just telling a story rather than the clever quirk that peppers the rest.

Why have I jumped about? So I can lump 3 tunes together. They aren’t the same as each other at all BUT if I had to say “this is what Randolph’s Leap sound like” to someone these three fit that category. Track 2, Real Anymore, which is also the lead single so I guess I’m right on the sound, track 4 Nature (including a rhyme of nature and stature which always makes me chuckle a bit) and Track 6 Technology are all “Randolph’s Leap” tunes. Obviously the whole album is, but clever lyrics that don’t ENTIRELY make sense, quirky bits and something you can dance to is what the band is about. At least half the time.

One left and that’s the last track, Indie King. The one I’m very familiar with and also had no idea what I was going to hear. If you’ve heard the aforementioned session you know the version I knew ahead of time. And my favourite session moment. An accident of location resulted in a version of this track very different from the one on the album played on guitar and djembe with different pacing to the one on the album. It sounded AWESOME. And so does the version on the album, but in a different way. It has a retro 80’s midi style beat, strong bass and eventually the rest of the band. Sounds rather different to the rest of the IP, but kick ass all the same.

So clearly I wasn’t disappointed and neither will you be. Well hopefully anyway. You can get a taste for free with lead track Real Anymore on Bandcamp, and you can buy the whole thing here (well that’s details of where to go). Alas there isn’t an Inverness date on the current tour but they will be in Aberdeen with The Youth and The Young. I’m working and can’t get the time off, gutted as I want to see BOTH bands. Ah well, one day….

Tracks from Real Anymore have been and will continue to be played on my show which you can catch between 6 and 8pm on a Monday, and 5 and 7 on a Thursday (different shows) on http://www.abcradio.co.uk

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