A Slice Of Fried Gold Playlist for 10/10/2013

Hey everyone, here’s what was on the show this evening:

Mikaela Davis – River
Trenton – Light Of Day
Sara Bills and the Hasbeens – One The Kid Still Sees
Conte – Pedals
Pioneer Fires – Don’t Go
Teenage China – Embrace The Street
The Strokes – One Way Trigger
Homework – Thoughts
Spoke Too Soon – Sideways On A Bus
Watchfires – In The Avalanche
Joel Willoughby – The Girl With Golden Eyes
Jules Larson + AG – This One’s Gonna Hurt
Matt Stockl – Put That Song Out Of It’s Misery
PAWS – Bird Inside Birdcage, Ribcage Inside Bird
The Autumn Defense – Nothin At All
Showbizheroes – Maybe She’s An Angel
Just Lions – Be Mine
Arcade Parade – Grace
The Yawns – Full Of Admiration
Wolf Cove – Kid Like You
Woody Pines – Long Gone Lost John
Love Animals – Arizona Skies

Next show is on Monday 14/10/13 between 6 and 8pm on http://www.abcradio.co.uk OR ABC Radio Alness via the Tune In App. This one should be up on Mixcloud in the not too distant future. Thanks for listening. Subscribe to Fried Gold Music on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

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