Fried Gold Music Episode 37

Last show of the year!  There will be a best of the year special relatively soon, and then shows every week after that for eternity (except when I miss them).  You know the drill.  Here’s the play list:

Jetty Rae – Kerosene
Cable Street Collective – Can’t Take Me Under
Half-Handed Cloud – Sensei Says
Smilex– Wasted Youth
Matt Koziol – You Don’t Know Where You’re From (Till You’re Gone)
Taylor Turner– Colorful
FriendlierBear – Room And Borders
Angel Snow – Secret
Mae Klingler – I Don’t Miss You At All
Heath McNease – Young Goodman Brown
The Fleeting Ends – Chances
Miggs– Perfect
And I’ll be starting a second podcast in a couple of weeks.  Would have been today but it’s about movies I’ve watched and because of the aforementioned special I haven’t really watched that many.
If you would like to be featured in a future episode send an email to friedgoldmusic at gmail dot com and if I like you you’ll be in 🙂

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