Fried Gold Music Best Of 2014 Special

It’s the most wonderful time of the….wait that was last week.  Year is DONE!  I’ve gone through everyone featured in the show in the last 12 months, grabbed the choicest cuts, slapped them together, added some words, uploaded it and now you can have a listen.  Please note that if you are listening in 2014 and wonder why I’m talking like it’s the first, it’s because I wanted to share the show ASAP but recorded it thinking it would be 2015 by the time it was up.  These are my favourity faves of all the people that were new to me this year:

Modoc– Devil On My Shoulder
Jess McAllister – Never Mind Buying Time
Little Hurricane – Crocodile Tears
The Dollyrots – Barbarian
Tune-Yards – Water Fountain
Parquet Courts – Pretty Machines
Mark McCabe – That Time I Almost Killed Martin
The Cavaliers – Adolescent Lives
Kevin Ahart – Alright Ok You Win
Men In The Sky – Men In The Sky
Single Mothers – Marbles
Liz Lawrence – Health And Safety
Attic Wolves – Here’s To Looking Back
Dom Flemons – Polly Put The Kettle On
Mikhael Paskalev – Jive Babe
Tyler Sjostrom – Hands And Knees
Filter Distortion – Lost Boys
Crown And The M.O.B – Turnaround
Beta Radio – On The Frame
JD McPherson – North Side Gal
Cable Street Collective – Two Cities
Phew, loads!  Imagine what it would have been like if there was a show every week?  Well you don’t have to, just come back and see how many there are next year.  And every week.  Would be nice if you did that too.  Here’s to an ace 2015!

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