Fried Gold Music Episode 38

New episode time!  Hopefully everyone has power back by now.  If I hadn’t moved 6 months ago I’d have had none for two days and would probably have gone insane by now.  The weather still sucks, so here’s a bunch of music to brighten your day up a bit.  Featuring:

Hudson And Troop – Stepping In Time
Appletop– Burning Land
The Scottish Enlightenment – St. Germain Is Thick Tonight
Warehouse Eyes – Tokyo
Dan Lyth And The Euphrates – Four Creatures
Old Testament – Trip Light
Le Reno Amps – Beautiful (My Time Has Come)
Foxtrott– Colors
Lauren Hoffman – The Chemist Said It Would Be Alright
Could almost call it the Armellodie podcast this week!  New radio show tomorrow (12/01) and podcast relatively soon after.  Subscribe if you haven’t 🙂
If you would like to be considered for inclusion in a future episode then send a mail to friedgoldmusic at gmail dot com

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