Fried Gold Music Episode 44

*sigh* I know I know.  BUT it’s worth the wait.  The music is anyway.  This stuff!

Shambles Miller – Daredevil (Doing Stuff Is Hard)
Emilio Pinchi – Trying Man
Hannah In The Wars – Only Wanna Be
Kosoti– Gone Too Far
Chanel Samson – FU Matthew
Tape Runs Out – Friends
The Jade Assembly – One Last Time
The Slow Readers Club – Know The Day Will Come
Radiolane– Before You Go
The Valkarys – Meraki
A Band Called Quinn – Drive With Your Eyes Closed
Spring Break – Degenerative Eloquence
Warpaint– I’ll Start Believing
Sugarmen– Dirt
Henry & Fleetwood – The Forest Floor
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Thanks for listening!

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