Fried Gold Music Episode 46

First of many shows to come in the next very short period of time.  Also been a bit of a spike in listeners lately which is nice, hi everybody!  This show features:

Pistols and Vultures – Take Me Away
Spears – Little White Lights
Inego – Talking To You
Alabama Shakes – Don’t Wanna Fight
Follow The Lion – Candy And Gravity
Calling Apollo – Hunter
Purity Ring – Heart Sigh
Shark Tape – Bronco
These Reigning Days – Stand Down
Frazer – Two Hands
David Sinclair Four – Sick Of Being Good
Old House Playground – Polite Fiction
Next show could very well be tomorrow, and it could very well continue like that for most of a week if not slightly longer.  You don’t have to listen to them that quickly though, just subscribe and let them sit until you are ready 🙂
If you would like to be considered for a future show then email friedgoldmusic at gmail dot com and I’ll get to it in the next few weeks
Facebook is here

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