Fried Gold Music Episode 47

Told you I was doing a bunch in a row.  And for once I actually am doing what I say in the show!  This one features:

Beach Bunny – No Money No Mind
MiAmigo – Hard To Love
Roger O’Donnell with Julia Kent – Tristan
Men With Ven – Jason Statham
New Politicians – Remission
The Avon Guard – Forget
Tony Volker – Kingdom Of The Beasts
Night Dials – I’ve Done More Things
Officer – Glass Ceiling
Farewell Singapore – Know I’m Right
Andrew R. Burns And The Tropicanas – Coming Back Down To Erf
James Rooney – As You Do
Got at least one regular show for you in the next few days, possibly two depending on what’s in the inbox. Then there will be a break (after the Xpo North shows).  The inbox is friedgoldmusic at gmail dot com if you have anything to submit.  It’s cleared up so I’ll get to you pretty quickly!
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