Fried Gold Music Episode 48

All caught up so this will be the last regular show to be released in super rapid time, back to a weekly/fortnightly schedule now probably (except for the Xpo North specials).  I’m rather tired so may be slightly less coherent than normal.  Fair chance you won’t notice a difference.  Featuring:

The Deadline Shakes – Phonecalls In The Bath
Maini Sorri – Lost Love
Tobias Jesso Jr – Without You
Less Than Worse – Vladamir’s Putin His Dress On
Harry Bird And The Rubber Wellies – Roll Out The Cannon
A Billion Lions – Doomsday Babies
Matinee – All The Good Fella’s
The Spills – A Film And A Frame
Black – Ashes Of Angels
Panic Island – Temples
Yes Sunshine – No No No
Damn Vandals – Mad As Hell
Woodenbox – Face Able
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All caught up on the mailbox so now would be a good time to drop me a mail if you want to be on the show friedgoldmusic at gmail dot com

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