Fried Gold Xpo North 2015 Day 1 Special

Snappy titled podcast has a snappy title.  Like the looooooong title says this is a special featuring the people playing the showcase on Wednesday 10/06/15 in Inverness for Xpo North.  Not all of them, but most.  Played in order as they appear on the showcase flyer, this show features the following acts:

The Bongo Club – Modern Vampires
Lionel – Over And Over
Tijuana Bibles – Sun Chaser
Searching For Donkeys – Festival Tune
Ice In My Eyes – Santa Fe
Friends In America – The More I Have, The Less I Own (The More I Learn, The Less I Know)
The Shithawks – Get Sweaty
Bloodlines – Love The Taste
Ded Rabbit – Scarlet Cardigan
Pale Fire – Isaac
A Sudden Burst Of Colour – Let Go Or Be Dragged
Poor Things – Anaconda Man
Vladimir – Come Over
Huxtable – It’s a Trap
In:Tides – A Moment Of Clarity
Miss Irenie Rose – My Mamma Says
Declan Welsh – I’ll Never Leave This Place
This is the Xpo North site, this is my Facebook and you can subscribe for regular podcast action here

Next up is another special for day two.  Completely unofficial and that

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