Fried Gold Xpo North 2015 Day 2 Special

The second in a series of two, what with there only being that many days of Xpo North.  This is (most of) the acts playing on Thursday 11/06/15.  Featuring:

Broken Boy – She Said
Best Girl Athlete – He’s Calling Me Over
Pinact – In My Head
Finn Lemarinel – Lose
Man Of Moon – The Road
Bite Night – Beers To Tears
The Mirror Trap – American Dreams
The Ragazzi – Denial
Crash Club – Jawbreaker
Bear Arms – Cities
Foreignfox – Frostbite
Gales – In The Morning
Redolent – Auburn And Lime
Sara Bills And The Hasbeens – Room With A View
Megan D – Don’t Let Go
Josephine Sillars – February Has A Smoking Problem
Cara Mitchell – Coastlines
Spring Break – Degenerative Eloquence
Garden Of Elks – This Morning We Are Astronauts
Hector Bizerk – Needs, Wants and Lies
Kloe – Feel
This is the XpoNorth site, this is my Facebook and you can subscribe for regular podcast action here
Next up a normal show.  Probably in a couple of days.

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