Fried Gold Music Episode 50

50!  WOO!  YEAH! So for the 50th one I’m doing a normal bloody show cause it doesn’t mean anything and every one is special, right?  Featuring:

Sid Innes – I Would
Kieran Leonard and the Horses – Underwood Milk
The Creeping Ivies – The Witch House
Close Talker – Heads
Kolo – Castro
We Ghosts – Final Curtain
Min Diesel– Kirk Session
Declan Welsh – Alright
Grounders – Secret Friend
Chelou – You’re So Good
Closer – EMSC
Palma Violets – On The Beach
Rum Thief – Stitch In Time
Forrest – Mark’s Song
Come back next week for 51 and on and on and on and….
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If you’d like to get a play on this crazy little show email friedgoldmusic at gmail dot com and I’ll listen to you with my ears.

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