Fried Gold Music Episode 52

New show with new features!  Every show will hopefully feature a track recorded live somewhere (this week it’s from Belladrum 2015) and an old vinyl find.  Here’s what I’ve got for you this episode:

Ancient River – This Is The Time
Tiger Cub – Destroy
Los Valldemosa En “Tagomago” – Na Catalina De Placa
Yo La Tengo – Friday I’m In Love
The Train Set – Stop Stalling (Sob Stories)
Cave Mouth – Deep Water
Declan Welsh – A Mixed Night (live at Bella)
Love Buzzard – $$Cash$$
Public Service Broadcasting – The Other Side
Space – Strange World
Skellums – Monsters
The Permanent Smilers – Ghosts
Ceremony – Bleeder
SOAK – B A Nobody
Please sponsor my mum a fiver or more and email the address below to be rewarded with an “album” of all of our recorded live tracks, or less than that just to be nice
If you would like to be on a future show then email friedgoldmusic at gmail dot com and I’ll give you a listen

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