Hey Kids, I’m Macgyver and this is my entertainments page.  So what do you get?

On the music page there’ll be daily news blasts for local bands in the Highlands of Scotland assuming there is any. There’ll also be miscellaneous music news on up coming gigs and festivals, gig reviews, EP/LP reviews and my weekly podcast.  That contains music from all over the joint by independent and small label artists. If I appear to be missing news on your band, if you have news for me, or you want me to check out your music for the podcast send a mail to macgyverpodcast@gmail.com

On the Movie page there’ll be movie reviews.  Not necessarily new movies, but new to me. Maybe the odd bit of news and that too but nothing comprehensive.

The TV page is the same kind of thing.  I like to “box set” TV shows, watching a whole season at a time.  So there’ll be season based reviews for most stuff.  Show by show reviews for a couple of shows. I’m also currently working my way through classic Doctor Who, so there’ll be season by season reviews of that.

Both of the above are not guaranteed to be spoiler free.

And finally, the mysteriously titled Fried Gold. That’s sort of based on a column I used to have that linked interesting news and the like for the day.  But this will pretty much just be the good meme pictures, more or less, that I stumbled on that day with some videos.  The random shite the internet is made up of.  I sift through the bad stuff so you don’t have to.

And that’s it.  Have some fun.

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