Fried Gold Music Episode 53

No live in this one but loads of that on the way!  Featuring:

Beyond The Break – The Way It Was
Sinead O’Connor – The Foggy Dew
Hackmonocut – Dead Born Sister
Alabama Shakes – Shoegaze
CLASSIC Laurel and Hardy – The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
Icicle – Calma Calma
Orange Vision – Dark Around The Eyes
Brigitte Aphrodite – Crescenderious
Kurt Vile – Pretty Pimpin
Abel Raise The Cain – Black Swans
High Tiny Hairs – Ghost Shadow
Ibeyi – Exhibit Diaz
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Fried Gold Music Episode 52

New show with new features!  Every show will hopefully feature a track recorded live somewhere (this week it’s from Belladrum 2015) and an old vinyl find.  Here’s what I’ve got for you this episode:

Ancient River – This Is The Time
Tiger Cub – Destroy
Los Valldemosa En “Tagomago” – Na Catalina De Placa
Yo La Tengo – Friday I’m In Love
The Train Set – Stop Stalling (Sob Stories)
Cave Mouth – Deep Water
Declan Welsh – A Mixed Night (live at Bella)
Love Buzzard – $$Cash$$
Public Service Broadcasting – The Other Side
Space – Strange World
Skellums – Monsters
The Permanent Smilers – Ghosts
Ceremony – Bleeder
SOAK – B A Nobody
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Fried Gold Music Episode 51

Now with intro!  Same crap host though.  Featuring:

Bearpark – Boxers
Horse Party – What I’d Do
Algiers – But She Was Not Flying
Eoin Glackin – Hello Caroline
The Memphis Dawls – Please Don’t Leave Me Now
Billy Vincent – Across My Street
Biscuithead And The Biscuit Badgers – Queen Of The Roller Derby
Maff – Walking On Fire
Lewisburg – No Plateau
Tankus The Henge – Weather
Bourbon Street Beat – Crossing On A Bend
James Edwyn And The Borrowed Band – Across The Wooden Door
Rodney Cromwell – Black Dog
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Fried Gold Music Episode 50

50!  WOO!  YEAH! So for the 50th one I’m doing a normal bloody show cause it doesn’t mean anything and every one is special, right?  Featuring:

Sid Innes – I Would
Kieran Leonard and the Horses – Underwood Milk
The Creeping Ivies – The Witch House
Close Talker – Heads
Kolo – Castro
We Ghosts – Final Curtain
Min Diesel– Kirk Session
Declan Welsh – Alright
Grounders – Secret Friend
Chelou – You’re So Good
Closer – EMSC
Palma Violets – On The Beach
Rum Thief – Stitch In Time
Forrest – Mark’s Song
Come back next week for 51 and on and on and on and….
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Fried Gold Music Episode 49

One more and it’s 50, woo!  Though technically it’s past that cause of specials and stuff.  Anyway, in this episode:

Select All Delete Save As – Nectar Of Instruction
Los and the Deadlines – Feel At Ease
The Gorgeous Chans – Marina and I
Coquin Migale – Socotra
The Marks Cartel – Take Me Home
Young Romance – Never Learn
Anthony Strong – Use Me
The Dropout Patrol – Feeding Ghosts
Vukovi – Boy George
Beirut – No No No
The Kut – I Want You Maniac
Clean Cut Kid – Vitamin C
My Igloo – Watch Out
Correction to crap joke, the Mysterons are bad guys in Captain Scarlette not Stingray
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