Rock Yes! 31st May at the Raigmore Hotel preview

In around a year and a half, in fact as I write this 486 days from now, Scotland will go to the polls to vote on being an Independent country. If you’re firmly on the no side I’d stop reading now as this won’t be for you. WELL, you might like the music but you’ll no doubt end up in a heated shouty debate (Fash is playing, Fash is a passionate man). Funnily enough unless the music was REALLY good you wouldn’t see me writing about a Better Together concert so no judgement from me if you jog on.

So pretty obvious what way I’m voting then eh? This is a music page so I won’t go on some kind of political rant. But this is essentially a political rally and the proceeds go to the Yes campaign to help convince those in the middle to vote the right way. So think about it like one of those charity events I write about a fair bit. There will no doubt be political bits between acts, and no doubt the same from the acts themselves. Some of them anyway. So who are those acts? I have no idea what the running order is so in no particular order:

The Mystic Shoes: A band that’s a whole lot of fun. Main stays of the local scene, they play covers though I think they may have some originals as well. Lots of energy, great tunes.

Rachel Campbell: She’s a fiddler and a damned fine one at that. No idea if she’ll be accompanied by anyone but I kind of assume so. Ceilidh style traditional music whether it’s with someone or not. I’ve only heard the one video from that page but she’s bloody good going by that. With the two acts I’ve already listed I’d expect people to be pretty knackered from dancing.

Jamie Marshall: Mellow blues rock, the tune currently playing in my ears fits the Crowded House influence. Coming all the way from Prague for this. Well, I dunno if he’s travelling on the day or that….

Fash Stewart: Country, Folk, Blues, Americana….frankly we’ll be lucky if he remembers that he’s meant to be playing and that he doesn’t just rant for the whole set! Only joking. Mellow poetic stuff for some, getting the crowd going for the rest.

dorec-a-belle: 4 lovely ladies playing jazzy folk stuff. Sounds French cafe style to me much of the time if that triggers the right kind of sound in your head. Played on the show plenty so you should know what they sound like anyway. Very good stuff.

Emma Mitchell: Hell of a voice, great guitar, damned fine song writing. Whether it’s just Emma or if she’ll have the blues band with her I don’t know. Haven’t PROPERLY heard the later yet, but have heard her (and the various parts) on her own. Either way it’ll be bloody good.

The Slim Panatellas: Last but far from least. Fair chance other people from the above will be drawn in to the eclectic mish mash that is a Slim Panatellas set. You’re never entirely sure what you’re going to get with these guys but it’ll be good craic whatever it is. And they most certainly WILL get political. Be ready to sing along as well.

All of the above is a fiver from here or on the door, and that door is the one in to the Raigmore Hotel. That door opens at half 7 and it’s to support Yes Scotland. Should be a fun night, but not as fun as the one we’ll be having in 487 days πŸ˜‰

PS: Please no political comments here or on the Facebook page, this isn’t the place for it. Yes I realise that’s a bit ironic but I don’t want a flame war on my page

Easter Showcases 2013 Preview!

Don’t worry, it’s just a guy in a suit

Showcase time again in the Ironworks and here I am, extremely late, with a preview for it. Won’t actually BE at the showcases themselves though as the first is on Sunday (the 31st) and the buses are horrendous on a Sunday. No point in showing up then having to leave at half 8. The second on Monday WOULD be fine, but I’m on air doing that radio show thing that I do. Assuming you listen to the show the lateness of this preview won’t actually matter as I banged on about them there plenty.

The seasonal showcases are a great chance to catch some established and not so established acts that you may not have seen before for a handful of pounds. In the past that sentence would have had local in it. This time it’s probably safer to say either unsigned and indie OR Scottish, as I think they are all from this country. Not quite all from the Inverness area but that’s okay. It’s also a bit of a mixed bag on each night which, if you listen to the aforementioned show, you’ll know I’m all for. Maybe not QUITE as eclectic as I can be at times but a nice mix all the same. Anyway enough blah blah, this is who you can here.

Thankfully not playing


Or Easter Sunday, funnily enough. I assume the line up is just the reverse of the poster order as that’s what happens most of the time. Could be wrong though

MIR – I’m not sure if there IS a Facebook page for MIR, so I’ll link to youtube instead. Rock and roll in the traditional sense, 50’s style. Bluesy rock with some surf rock thrown in there for good measure. Whether it’s Miriam solo or the full band I don’t know, but I assume when the billing is MIR she’s got boys with her.
RED RONSON – Inverness’ premier ship builders (come and join us, the more the merrier. No I have no idea why either but it was important last time so I’m in) who also play music now and again. Poppy folk music, you should have heard at least one tune, and thoroughly nice people to boot. Quite a new act and I have yet to see them live. Will rectify that as soon as I can though.
NAKED RED – Red Ronson will then lose their clothes and….oh hold on. No relation at all really. These guys are a funky rock band, more rock than funk and a wee bit 80’s, who I first heard at the LAST Easter Showcase. So good they’ve been invited back again. Regulars on the Inverness gig scene so if you haven’t seen them yet now is your chance.
EMMA MITCHELL – And friends as Emma will have a number of guests with her for her set. Bit of a who’s who of Greenhouse people I think which is no bad thing. First person to play live on my show, Emma has a cracking voice and plays a range of rock, folk and blues type acoustic numbers. When it’s just her. Not sure if it stays acoustic when people join her. Join them and find out! Not on stage, in the audience.
LIONEL – Damned good rock band from Inverness who I first (and last I think though they’ve been gigging plenty) saw during the battle of the bands in The Eagle Upstairs. They were runners up if I remember rightly and if it was held just now would have won as the winners or on hiatus. Some great stuff, well worth the ticket price alone.
AGAINST ALL FLAGS – Dunno much about these guys at all to be honest but they have a couple of videos so now I know a wee bit. I assume they are local, and they play punk. Proper punk with no modifiers like you used to get on cassettes. Punk that’s loud, can be pretty fast, and is loud. Punk. Good stuff.
WASHINGTON IRVING – If you looked up Scottish Folk Rock in a….well it wouldn’t be in the dictionary as it’s 3 words. These guys are someone you could easily point people at as a solid example of the genre though. Not local but Inverness regulars. I’ll admit it was a surprise to me they were playing, but a pleasant one. Or it would be if I could go… *grumble*
IAIN MCLAUGHLIN AND THE OUTSIDERS – It was roughly a year ago that they released they’re first album We Are All Outsiders. It’s bloody good, you should get one. It’s on Spotify if you don’t believe me. Iain has told me a second one is in the offing (think it’s an album) so even if you are familiar with it they will no doubt be playing quite a bit of new stuff. Which I’m sure will also be excellent.

So that’s the first night then. On to….

You are going, roit mate?


It’s after noon so this can’t be a fool. Also, doors are at 7 and I’ll still be on air. Remember that ABC Radio Alness is available on the Tune In App. Bands won’t be on at 7, so I’m sure everyone would appreciate some good music till they do come on. Like playing a very good show through your phone for them to hear. Just saying πŸ˜‰

When they DO start they’ll be these people:

ALICE BENTLEY – She used to be the front lady of the Young Trees, now she’s just a lady with a front. Had her in for a proper session and she’s very very good so you should make sure and turn up for the start or you’ll be missing out. Poppy folk solo acoustic performing person.
ALL HAT NO CAT – The IW page is wrong, I’m not. Anyway, Adrian and Lucy on guitar and flute respectively (and he plays the mouthy as well) with some singing, mainly from Adrian. Classic style folk music like what was common a few years back. Played them on the show, very good stuff.
DOUGIE BURNS – and the Cadillacs. That being what he’s calling his band, probably down to signature tune “California Cadillac”. And a fitting name for the style of blues rock that Dougie plays. Funky as hell, entertaining lyrics, very fun stuff. Dougie doesn’t have a FB page for the band. I suggested he set one up for his music about 6 months back and he doesn’t know how. Sarah, set up a page for your old man would ya?
BLUE GUM EARS – New ones on me though going by their Facebook they might have been knocking about for 8 years?! Anyway, also going by the Facebook they’re alternative rockers and not bad ones too. That’s all I’ve got.
AILSA JEAN LYALL MATHEWS – Know more about this one though. I’ve managed to catch her twice and she has a fantastic voice BUT isn’t really a musician. So that’s why you may not have heard her much for the last while. Not sure who will be accompanying her or if she’s just been practicing the playing side of things, but cracking voice on her.
THE LITTLE MILL OF HAPPINESS – If you are a fan of local music you are probably a fan of these guys as they’re one of those bands everyone likes. Rightly so. Dark and moody yes, epicly talented also yes. Caught them around a month ago I think and there was a lot of new material on offer (I believe a second EP is in the offing) so if you haven’t seen them in a while get yourself along. And if you’ve never seen them then DEFINITELY get yourself along.
CHASING OWLS – New one on me again, less than usual for a showcase I’m slightly proud to say. Similar GENRE to Washington Irving but not the same. I’d make a bit of a Ben Folds type comparison as well maybe? Also they have a lady person. More indie than last nights second last act. Good stuff though, if I do drag myself up after the show I’ll be looking forward to hearing them.
RED KITES – and I’ll also be very much looking forward to hearing these guys. Not local technically, but they are local in many ways and very much loved in Inverness and the Highlands in general. Honestly I don’t have to say any more do I? Thought not.

Doors on both nights open at 7pm and each night is a fiver. You are TOTALLY ripping them off at that price as each band if probably worth that all by thereselves. I’ve said more than enough, get your ass to Mar….the Ironworks.

A Slice Of Fried Gold Radio Show Play List For 25/03/2013

Here’s what you heard on the show this evening:

The Strokes – All The Time
Red Ronson – Fall Back
Al Lewis – Battles
Emma Stevens – Once
Red Kites – The Artist
Iain Mclaughlin and the Outsiders – Don’t Look Behind You
Yo La Tengo – Ohm
British Sea Power – Machines Of Joy
Dylan Tierney – The Boat Song
Washington Irving – Dear Liza
The Galipaygos – The Hands
Be Like Pablo – Oh Emily
KOBI – All The Way
Alice Bentley – Scottish Rain (archive session track)
Ailsa Jean Lyall Mathews – October
The Maginot Band – Slow Down Sun Dial
All Hat No Cat – The Wall
Emma Mitchell – Wild Caveman (archive session track)
Inc. – Black Wings
Sound of the Suburb – 70’s Girl
The Upbeat Beatdown – What Happened?
The Imagineers – Shackles
The Little Mill Of Happiness – Cold Blooded Revelry At Whitson

And it’ll be up on Mixcloud soon. Next show is on Tuesday 26/03/2013, 6-8PM GMT at or ABC Radio Alness via the TuneIn app! Thanks for listening! Subscribe to Fried Gold Music on Facebook and Twitter

A Slice Of Fried Gold Radio Show Play List For 14/01/2013

Here’s what you heard on the show this evening:

Iain McLaughlin and the Outsiders – Someone For Everyone
Paul Banks – Young Again
Dorec-a-belle – On The Road
Josephine Sillars – Hurricane
Sara Bills and the Hasbeens – One The Kid Still Sees
Kwes – Rollerblades
Yo La Tengo – Well You Better
Sienna Lights – Believing
Jo Mango – Kingdom
Cat Power – Silent Machine
Esben and the Witch – Deathwaltz
Jemma Tweedie – Two Hands
Furry Vengeance – Call My Name
Alice Bentley – Scottish Rain
Futur Primitif – Nuclear Shockwave
Anna Sweeney – Oh Gosh Darn It
The Hazey Janes – Girl In The Night
Emma Mitchell – Wild Caveman (Live session track)
Fryars – In My Arms
All Hat No Cat – Highland Blues
Rachel Sermanni – Ae Fond Kiss
Sam Forrest – Baby Doll
Sleepy Eyes Nelson – Blonde Snapper

And it’ll be up on Mixcloud soon. Next show is on Tuesday 15/01/2013, 6-8PM GMT at or ABC Radio Alness via the TuneIn app. Thanks for listening! Subscribe to Fried Gold Music on Facebook and Twitter

Inverness Women’s Aid Fundraiser At The Eagle Preview!

I love women. A lot. They’re pretty and they smell good. I’m not saying they’re perfect by any means, but women? Okay in my book. When I was a kid we were taught a very important thing as boys. You don’t hit girls. Ever. Even though girls had a tendency to kick you in the shins. Well, that might have just been me.

It’s resulted in me being pretty much incapable of hitting a girl. At all. I’m not violent anyway but there’s a proper physical block there. I am perfectly capable of hitting a guy who does though. Not that that’s a solution at all. Makes me bloody mad though. THANKFULLY there are people much smarter than I am working on solutions and support for ladies who have been abused.

Inverness Women’s Aid, a division of Scottish Women’s Aid, is one such group of smart people. They campaign and lobby for effective responses to abuse, along with providing aid and shelter where needed. I’ve seen the effects of abuse, it leaves women and children terrified and vulnerable. The effects can last a life time but help….well, it helps. A safe environment and some assistance can get people back on their feet and kids can be pretty resilient. Needing help isn’t a sign of weakness, god knows these people have probably been told how weak they are enough. Being a victim isn’t a sign of weakness. I’ve know some DAMNED TOUGH women who’ve had a rough time of it. If I had my way we wouldn’t NEED people like Inverness Women’s Aid. Unfortunately we do. So we should probably help. BUT I don’t expect you to just do that. This is an entertainment blog, someone is putting on some entertainment for it.

That someone being The Eagle. 4 lovely ladies, and a couple of lovely gentlemen, will be providing some lovely music for you on the 18th of January to raise money for Inverness Women’s Aid. Which is lovely of them.

Josephine Sillars = A young lady who sings a heck of a tune and plays one heck of a piano, a top one cracking Ironing board.
Emma Mitchell = Plays a mean guitar and has possibly the finest set of pipes (singing, not bag) in the area
Jemma Tweedie = A young lady who also plays one mean guitar and also has a cracking singing voice
Sara Bills & The Hasbeens = A lady fronted folk rock group who belt out some cracking tunes, and this is where the gentlemen come in.

Lovely people the lot of them. I assume that there will be an entry by donation or buckets going about or something. Bring your ears and bring your money. It’s an extremely worthy cause and 4 extremely good acts so you can’t lose. See you there πŸ™‚