Fortnight of Awesomeness Preview!

The what now? Well…we’re spoiled around here. Really spoiled. There’s a lot of great music, both local and visiting, in Inverness. While every fortnight isn’t QUITE as packed as this one you’d be hard pressed to go too long before finding something really good that you want to go to. And it’s easy to find out what’s on, just bookmark The List and I’ll keep you informed. Anyway the last week of April and first week of May are particularly juicy so I though I’d stick together a wee post. This is by no means meant to be comprehensive but there’s plenty to get your teeth in to with this little lot


Can kick off a bit earlier than usual for you if you’d like. Not for me I’m working. 7pm to be exact at Hung, KOBI will be holding the single launch for All The Way

Later on than that in Hoots you can catch two fantastic bands on a co-headline tour. Brown Bear and the Bandits, who I caught at Loopallu and MV and did an interview with for the show, are the greatest band to ever emerge from Largs. Probably, I mean I’ve never heard another band from Largs. Fantastic folk rock anyway. And Miniature Dinosaurs, also a Loopallu watch, who I described as “a bit new wave, a bit retro, with a lead singer with a voice a bit like your man from the B-52s”.

If that’s all too loud for you head up to The Bothy where it’s Carnivale night. That’s 4 artists (this month Robin Abbot, Patrick Duff, Iain McLaughlin and Hamish Roberts) playing acoustic sets in a nice relaxed setting. The Bothy is up stairs at Mad Hatters, which is up stairs at Hoots.

And you could also go to The Greenhouse in Dingwall for some open mic action. Always a fantastic standard of music, always a great atmosphere. And informally there’s a “shut the fuck up and don’t use the door” while people are playing rule. So shut the fuck up and wait for 2 minutes if someone is playing.


Features the return of one of the most fun acts I saw live all of last year, the absolutely mental Dingus Khan. If we’ve never met and you’re wondering who I am wait until Knifey Spooney comes on as I’ll be the idiot singing along rather loudly.

And if you’re a bit of a metal head, Karma Lounge is the place for you where Alt X is holding a 6 months until Halloween party. I assume dressing up is expected, but at the very least the music will be way better than the average pub (depending on your taste).

It’s also my mum’s birthday. Happy birthday Mum!


In the afternoon the Greenhouse in Dingwall will be holding they’re weekly Saturday Set. This week it’s the fantastic Duncan Overmeer who has a new album coming out. Great guitar playing, throaty voice, very well put together tunes, brilliant atmosphere, little China cups. Ace.

Also in the afternoon and in to the evening, a mini festival will be happening in Inverness. Shedstock 2013 in the Music Shed. I assume anyway, been a bit quiet on that front and I’m only aware of two bands at the moment. One is indie rock band Silver Coast and the other is very loud filthy punk band Cactus and Cardigan from Thurso, so should be good.

In the evening proper Mad Hatters as a couple of damned fine bands. Be Like Pablo, possibly being acoustic but I don’t know that for sure, followed by Kid Canaveral. As almost always entry is nowt and the staff are friendly. And the DJ after plays really good stuff for dancing like a muppet to.


Another launch and a return of that Duncan Overmeer fella. As it’s his album launch he should probably be there. If you missed him on Saturday, or enjoyed it a lot and want to see him again, get yourself along and pick up a copy of Rumour Mill. It’s really rather good.

I have some of the listings for May BUT haven’t thoroughly looked yet. So let’s assume the only things on Monday and Tuesday are my show from 6 until 8pm on (Tuesday should have a Duncan Overmeer session on it) and Wednesday is a day off.


It’s kind of a Loopallu fortnight actually. On a pre-album launch tour tour, no idea if my nagging helped any, Public Service Broadcasting will be in the Ironworks. Music composed of live drums, live guitar/banjo/etc, electronic bits and samples from public information type films. Pre-lu I wasn’t entirely sold, post-lu I’m a bit of a fan boy. J. Willgoose puts all the elements together live to ensure there’s a chance of fucking up and Wrigglesworth is a cracking drummer. ALSO behind the guys there’s a film edited together from said show and the films are great. Hell of a show, get along.


The show I’m calling the Brew at the Bog fringe, as if I’m at anything it’ll be this, The Eagle will be hosting Megan Blyth, Nicky Murray and Furry Vengeance. Great local line up there. I know there aren’t many words here, what more do you need me to say?


Non music wise it’s two things, Star Wars Day (May the fourth be with you) and Free Comic Book Day. So whatever you are doing get along to Heroes For Sale first and pick up some free funny books. And pay for a couple too. Alas I won’t be joining you as I’ll be crazy busy and already out at the farm for….

Brew at the Bog. What I thought of as the first of the festivals, but that’s MV. First of the “camping in a field and standing in a different field with beer and tunes” festivals though. Fantastic line up and a proper preview piece is on it’s way soon. Get your liver in training too as the Brewdog beer can be pretty damned strong!

Also pretty damned strong, the rock stylings of Toby Michaels’ Rolling Damned who can be found in the Ironworks launching their single A Little Bit Of What You Fancy (Does You Good) which is possibly my favourite of their tunes. Support is provided by Last Summer Effect so it’ll be a good show all round. And being TMRD expect some theatrics.

After all that, well simultaneously with the end of Brew, Karma Lounge will be hosting Indieness. Expect a Star Wars vibe at that as well, plus some fantastic music being played. I’m also calling this the Brew at the Bog after party so if you can still walk/see/have any energy left get along.

I’m no doubt missing something, sure there’s something on the Sunday as well, but this isn’t comprehensive. I was also slightly wrong on one point at the start. If you take out the festivals this pretty much IS a typical couple of weeks around here. Keep an eye on The List to see what’s on and get out and enjoy some live music. You live in a mecca for it. Unless you aren’t from around here, in which case move. The scenery is nice too.

Music News 18/09/2012

Hey kids, here’s what’s been happening for the last couple of days.

Part of the reason there was no news post yesterday, besides there not being much, was that I was at a meeting/audition for ABC Radio Alness. It’s a new community radio project that’ll be streaming online, making it a world wide thing really, from the 22nd of October. And yours truly will have a show on it. Not sure when or the length, 1 or 2 hours, but will plug the hell out of it. My show will feature, besides me talking, some of the finest music that the Highlands and Islands has to offer. As I’d run out it’ll also feature unsigned or indie label bands from wherever but the main focus will always be the locals. Go like that Facebook page and keep and eye out here for announcements when it will be on and that. Local acts, no need to contact me as you are already on the play list. I’ll contact you if I don’t have anything to use though. ENOUGH ABOUT ME!

Thought it would be a bit sparse but there’s a few things. What looks like the last of those carnival clips from Rachel Sermanni. Her album is out, I’ve reviewed it, and you should go buy it. She’s iTunes UKs single of the week as well! That ought to help things along, maybe the whole chart won’t be piss poor for once. In case it is, arm yourself with some good music (yes including Waltz) by checking out the latest Netsounds Unsigned podcast right here. Sorted.

Wee bit of Hamish Roberts for you now. First off something called Jungle Jam with Django, think of it like a one man guitar remix. Just Hamish riffing on some stuff and having a run around. Some damned impressive bits and bobs. That may be classed as jazz, can’t believe I was tricked in to watching jazz. *shakes fist at sky*

An actual remix now, courtesy of The LED. This is Skrillex & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley with Make It Bun. I’ll be honest, I saw Skrillex there and nearly ran in the other direction because that’s dubstep init? But nah it’s not too bad actually. God damned news column is making me listen to stuff I wouldn’t normally and actually enjoy it.

Wait, that’s the point.

If you aren’t already a fan of Team Kapowski, go and become one. In addition to providing some quality hip hop tunes they also provide a weekly web comic. Season 2 of the comic starts tomorrow and you can read season one by clicking their cover photo. And it’s genuinely funny.

Life is a constant learning experience and very few people ever get to the point where they can’t learn a thing or two about a thing or two. It’s not a new page but I just came across it (courtesy of a share by Houdi Don’t Blog) that puts you in touch with music tutors, or tutors in touch with people who want to learn. Whether you want to improve your voice or playing, or learn a new instrument or something, you should probably check out Music Lessons Inverness.

And finally, a pair of PAWS videos. Recorded live at Indie Indie in Amsterdam this is Sore Tummy, first single off forthcoming album Cokefloat!, followed by Bloodline. Lo fi recording but fine stuff.

That’s your lot. No news tomorrow as I’ll be at the Battle of the Bands in the Eagle. See you there aye? And if you go like the Facebook page NOW you could be the 100th to do so. Which would be nice.

Music News 04/09/2012

Hey kids, here’s what’s been happening over the last day with local acts (and one thing I forgot to hunt out yesterday).

First up, I seem to be stumbling across even more new acts in the area lately. I think there might be 3 in the room with me right now at the rate things are going. Anyway, they’re called The Elephant Sessions, they have Greg Barry in them, and they’re by the sounds of it a….I may be making this genre up….rock ceilidh band. I heard the term ceilidh fusion earlier but that can fuck right off and I’m not sure it applies. The video is teeny, sounds not the best, but they’re a good example of the genre. That I may have invented. Here they are at Sonafest 2012

Not entirely music news BUT I like the place even if I’ve only been the once so I’m throwing it out there. If you are looking for a bit of now and again bar work Karma Lounge need staff for some busy nights they’ve got coming up. Previous experience in a busy bar is essential, as is being good craic. Fast and good craic or gtf. Email if you are interested.

There’s an interview with Rachel Sermanni over at Female First which is apparently a lady mag. Think there are some transcription errors in there… It’s about the background and production of her album. For those interested that early recording she refers to is called The Bothy Sessions and is available on the iTunes. And it’s very good. So will the album be probably. It’s out on the 15th of October and you can get it here . And other places, but you get a bit of exclusive artwork there.

Spin Magazine have announced their 5 best New Artists for September and local, before they moved, boys PAWS are in there! Well done. Django Django though? Excellent but….not new by any means.

Enough reading (of other peoples words, read more of mine). Here’s the excellent Hamish Roberts (no link as I don’t think he has a musician page) playing The Fools Lament. He’s a crazy good guitarist he is.

Netsounds Unsigned have their latest episode out. Unsurprisingly it’s Jocktoberfest themed, so you can whet your appetite for the coming weekends shenanigans. Listen here

Btw, if you didn’t catch the post on the Fried Gold Facebook page KOBI have sadly had to pull out of the STV gig on Thursday due to illness (get better…whoever is ill), but have been replaced by Toby Michael’s Rolling Damned. So still half a KOBI and all a good act. Good night really.

And lastly, here’s a couple of wee clips of Iain McLaughlin and the Outsiders from their Quo support gig. First up a cover of Suspicious Minds and then a not cover of The Light. The videos were taken by Duncan at Front Room Unplugged.

And we’re done for a few days. Things will be quiet around her for the next couple I’d expect for reasons I mentioned yesterday. See you on the other side if I survive. Sooooo sleeeepyyyy.