Dingus Khan @ Hoots mini review

Why a mini review? Well I didn’t catch the whole set unfortunately. Stopped by The Greenhouse for open mic, caught the excellent Neal Kinghorn (this weeks Saturday set from 2pm, get along) and the also excellent Greg Barry and then scooted up to sneck. Alas, too late to see 76 Knots. BUT THEY WERE AMAZING AND FANTASTIC AND IT’S THE BEST THEY’VE EVER PLAYED!!! Probably.

Anyway, enough of what I barely or didn’t see and on to what I saw half an hour of.

All 50 members of Dingus Khan

Dingus Khan are a loud ass rock band from Manningtree. Which is in Essex. Near London. In England. They’re Facebook page bills them as a Telemarketing Service. They have 3 drummers, 3 bassists, a guitar, an electric uke, and a fax machine. Plus giant tambourines that look like mad max weapons. They do not take themselves seriously.

But they could as they are seriously good. Embracing the fun side of the punk ethic they mental about on stage, make loud noises, stand on things that shouldn’t be stood on and generally have a damned good time. A broken pick up on the guitar led the singer to just twirl it about a bit and sing the last guitar hook. The band have a funny little dance for “Ambulance” that had the crowd in stitches. If you listen to my radio show you’ll have heard Knifey Spooney on Monday. When they kicked in to that I’ll admit I got a bit excited. And maybe forgot where I was as I was singing along a bit loud. Probably out of tune. I don’t think anyone else was because…well they probably hadn’t heard much Dingus Khan. I think one of the bassists noticed. Don’t care, not like it’ll ruin my cool rep will it?!

If they are back this way, guys come back this way, do not miss the chance to see these theatrical nutters play. They put on a damned fine fun show that sounds bloody good. In the mean time grab a copy of Support Mistley Swans which came out on Monday. That way I won’t be the only idiot singing “well I couldn’t find a knife so I had to use a spoon. And I tell you that a spoon ain’t the best thing to use”. Might be singing it loudest though.

Music News 15/09/2012

Hey kids, here’s what’s been happening with local acts since…Monday. This isn’t becoming a weekly post or anything, there would have been one on Tuesday but there wasn’t enough to justify a post. Been a busy boy lately but hopefully things will…ah bollocks, Loopallu. Well hopefully things will calm down EVENTUALLY as I’m really really skint. On with the news.

If you are looking for something to do and you are a fan of music of the dance persuasion then you should probably head along to the Ironworks for Rudimental. Wouldn’t mention that normally, but Inverness Gigs had a wee interview with Count Clockwork who are supporting. Interview is here. There’s also a wee promo video that was produced by the Music Works project ahead of the gig, it’s a bit mental and very well done. You may have to be pretty quick as this news post took AGES and it’s going up later than I thought.

Another gig that’s coming up soon is Fatherson, looking at my ticket right now. The guys have been up the road quite a lot this year, possibly because they were part of goNorth, and in this case I think it was by request cause we like them up here quite a lot. Well I do anyway. Mentioning goNorth probably gave you an idea of what this paragraph is actually about. That’s right another them/Netsounds Unsigned Rockhopper session from Bella. You know the artist already and this one is called Lights. You’ll be off to buy an Ironworks ticket now then aye?

Hoots/Mad Hatters have a number of support slots open over the next couple of months. Head on over to their page and drop Steve an email at the address supplied if you fit any of the bills. Not sure how many will still be available but give it a shot anyway. Email, don’t comment, to apply.

It’s outside my catchment area really but lots of acts from around here have played down there so I’ll include it, plus I wouldn’t mind going myself and if I do it’ll be reported here. Long intro sentence to just say Wickerman. Might be a bit on the large side festival wise for me actually, unless I can get a pass of some kind, but I’ve heard the vibe is a lot like Bella. Certainly looks like good craic going by this wee vid.

Rachel Sermanni was in that wee vid and her album appeared through my door this morning. Review coming soon. If you haven’t bought a copy yet and are a bit skint like I am the kind people at Thank Folk For That have 5 copies to give away. Details are here and you have until noon on Monday to enter. She also did a session with Dutch site Zubb. Breaking from the Waltz sessions this one is of The Fog, teeny bit wibbly in the first half, pretty blinding in the second. Speaking of Waltz it has been selected as Jim Gellatly’s Big One (track of the week) this week. Well deserved too.

James Mackenzie will be hitting the studio soon to record a full length album along with a bunch of other musicians. Really looking forward to hearing that. And as soon as he’s done he’ll be heading out on tour. No rest for the wicked. Keep an eye on The List for when he’ll be playing in Inverness and get yourself along to a gig as he’s rather good so he is.

Local band snapper Houdi has gotten in to the moving pictures business. Here’s Easy Tigers playing I’m not sure, sorry guys. Not familiar enough with their stuff to give you a song title and I don’t think it’s on the Songs From The Sun Room album. Anyway, video here. He was also there early and caught some Todd Cook on film, well digital video. Todd’s great as you can see and a lovely bloke to boot. Hes Australian, you can tell because he has his didgeridoo out. Unfortunately I’m not sure the name of the song as Todd didn’t have any albums available because the tax man wanted a crazy amount of money to let them out of customs. He also also filmed the end of The Merrylees set, here they are covering Riders in the Sky. Very cool, and check the lick of their guitars! Love em.

The Cleavers, along with Fraser from The Murderburgers/Fuck! (It’s pronounced shit!) have recorded a mini covers EP with S.L.U.G by the Ramones and Coffee Mug by the Descendents. It’s right here, it’s called Coffee Slug and pay whatever you want for it. The money goes to Prostate Scotland so chuck them a few quid. Great stuff.

Another interview from Inverness Gigs, this time with Matt Sillars the host of the Coffee Shop Open Mic Sessions in the Greenhouse. I LOVE their open mic nights, dragged myself along on Thursday despite tiredness and the weather. Some of the best music I’ve heard this year has been in there and it really is an appreciative audience so grab your instrument of choice and come along sometime. I may also be doing reviews, but don’t let that put you off. The format is explained in there and we’d all be very happy to hear you. If you turn up early you can also get a singing lesson from Emma Mitchell, who REALLY knows here stuff.

The Ballachulish Hellhounds have a mini album out. It’s called Red Eye’s Motorcycle Blues and you can hear/get it here. I shall be doing a wee review of it too once I’ve managed to clone myself so I have time.

The Slim Panatellas have uploaded a new track, We Are The Slim Panatellas which shows that they don’t take themselves too seriously. Haven’t managed to catch them yet and won’t for a while as their fairwell gig is in The Greenhouse while I’m at Loopallu. Farewell? Yes, they’re off galavanting abroad. Very much in theme with the kind of act they are, they’re jumping in the travelling camper van studio, making their way through France, Switzerland and Italy on an epic journey to Womax in Greece. Details here in Mags Chrystall’s piece for the Highland News.

Estrella have a new blog post out. Besides their recent award win and some other stuff it has two live gig videos from the Furyon gig in Aberdeen. Click here for some proper 80’s hair metal. The video was shot by Kevin Meldrum, thanks for that man.

Almost finally, Great White Elephant have released an acoustic demo on their Soundcloud from a jamming session the other week. It’s called Burning Blue and it’s very chilled and nice and that.

And finally, congrats to Lady MFR herself Marion Scott and Des Irvine on their engagement. No this isn’t becoming a gossip rag of some kind, but she’s lovely and I’ve heard he is too so thought I’d give them a shout out.

WHEW, this is frikkin huge. Couldn’t be quiet while I was busy eh? LOTS of stuff to come, like the Facebook page to keep up to date. I haven’t had my dinner yet and I’m missing Doctor Who so I’m off. Thanks for reading!

Halloween Option 2: Hoots

Actually it’s on both floors, so Mad Hootanatters!

Now I said in the Option 1 piece that you can go to at least 2 of the (currently) 3 events, and this is the non clashing one. It’s actually ON Halloween, which is a Wednesday this year, so yay for that but unfortunately it’s also a school night. BUT carpe diem (stuff your YOLO somewhere, I’m classy) and a couple on a weekday isn’t the end of the world.

Particularly as there is a whole heap of music on offer for you. AND some form of movie action from Screen Hi (not sure what yet). AND it’s for charidee mate. I shall get to that in a bit, but first the bands. I don’t know running order so I’ll do them in press release order. Here’s who will be spread over the two floors (and possibly a number of them will be ON those floors by the end of the night).

Zombie Militia are a damned fine metal band. I unfortunately had to miss their set at the Easter Showcase as it was last bus time but I saw a video and they put on a hell of a show. I doubt there will be the same level of theatrics this time around but there will be some full on proper metal. And if things kick off and people’s costumes become real you want some boys who are ready for the zombies, right?

Cleavers are in the news posts all the damned time so you should be familiar with them by now. They play fast, they play loud, they are punk. Also, they are good which is quite important really.

Toby Michael’s Rolling Damned who will be in the final showcase. I mention this because I haven’t seen them live so I can only go by recordings at the moment. So I do know for sure that they are a metal band of the highest quality. I don’t know if the crowd interaction and humour are just a Bella thing or if that’s a general motif. Hope so! And they’ll have a busy Halloween period as you will see in the option 3 post.

Swamp Radio, speaking of highest quality there’s more of that on show here. More rock than metal, bit proggy I suppose and I’ve enjoyed the heck out of them both times I’ve seen them.

Skeleton Verse who are new to me. That’s because they aren’t from this neck of the woods, they’re from Fort Bill and Glasgow. More than a bit of System of a Down about these guys, but with a Scottish accent. Loud, speedy lyrics, nice.

Last Summer Effect back with the home grown talent (the above are the only tourists really, unless a TBA is from far away). An accomplished rock band who veer towards the anthemic style of alternative rock with a high energy front man. Generally guaranteed to please, and certainly looking to get a crowd going.

And last of the announced bands (as I said, there’s a TBA) Searching for Donkeys. Completely new for me, haven’t seen them live. That said they’ve only existed for 2 months so that’s no surprise! So all I can really say is that they’re a rock band and they’re a lot mellower than the others on the bill. Which will give you a bit of a breather thankfully. I’d say more compared to the first five, with LSE filling in the gap in the middle.

So that’s a whole lot of music with a bit more to come. How much? Up to you. Entry is by donation and all proceeds go to Birchwood Highland who do a fine job of improving the lives of people with mental illness. Worthy cause, good music, an excuse to dress up and drink on a weekday. What more could you ask for?

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Music News 20/08/2012

Hey Kids, here’s what’s been going on over the last day or two.

Ailsa Jean Lyall Mathews is looking for gigs. She’s new at this, very talented and could use the help. SO if you are looking for a piano/guitar/singer combo, think they would fit, want to try music out in your place or just have some advice go give her a hand. Scenes only thrive if you keep new blood coming in and help each other out after all. I’d recommend the Inverness Music and Musicians Inverness groups as places to meet fellow music bods, and getting along to open mic nights and the like myself. Not a musician though so I don’t know about getting gigs. OH and friend/like Hootananny Inverness as they post if they’re looking for people to play.

Everyone has started announcing they’re Halloween events. Bogbain Farm have some ska action, The Greenhouse has some metal coming at ya (both on the Saturday) and Hoots/Mad Hatters are having a rocky one on the actual night. BUT I’m not going to tell you in detail what’s going on because I plan to do a big old Halloween piece once the details are all out there. So hopefully Mark won’t be teasing us too much for too long! In the mean time there’s an Inverness gigs bit up for the Hoots one which is for charidy mate.

Donald Macdonald (and the Islands) are in Mull doing a spot of recording. What for I’m not sure. And whether Mull’s most famous son Roddy Woomble is even slightly involved I don’t know either, I’m sure he’s not the only musician there though. Whatever they are working on I’m looking forward to it though. A second Summerhouse session track has been uploaded, Cry, and if whatever it is is half as good as these tracks have been I’ll love the hell out of it.

Inverness gigs have a piece up for the Battle of the Bands here . I’ll have my own in the usual style a bit closer to the time. In the mean time the poster for the first one looks like this:

They also have a review of the 6th showcase by newbie Douglas Barr. He does a good job and judging by the review I’m guessing he’s a musician, possibly a bassist. Could be wrong though. Welcome to the world of band bothering Douglas! I’M NOT THE NEW GUY ANYMORE! (I’ve actually been at this for 6 months now, the site is just new and I took a break). MY review of that there gig is right here.

If anyone knows Laura Dillion let her know that she’s won the Scooty and the Skyhooks competition and the band are having trouble contacting her so she should give them a shout ASAP!

The next Cleavers….well EP knowing them, prolific buggers that they are, will have some PIANO on it! Don’t break it boys. Cleavers with piano, that’ll be interesting! There’s a new t-shirt in the works as well for their European tour. Bit gutted I never got a Zooey one, but chuffed with my Marvel Heroes one. They do good shirts these guys.

If you are willing to travel as far as London, or happen to be going there around the 26th of September OR are there already (there’s hits all over the joint for this page!) you can win tickets to see Rachel Semanni courtesy of For Folks Sake just by emailing them the name of your favourite album. Which could be embarrassing. Me? New Kids on The Block, The Right Stuff obviously.

Abagail Grey are proving to be a band that never stops as they’re hard at work on a winter release even though they’re next EP, Dark Wood, isn’t out yet! You can pre-order Dark Wood here like I did. And there’ll be a review pre-release cause I was cheeky and asked for mine early 😉

And that’ll do ya, more than I expected actually! Remember to like the Facebook page if you haven’t already and invite all of your music loving friends. And other stuff, but lets face it the page is MAINLY music. Thanks for reading 🙂