Music News 24/11/2012

Hey kids, here’s all the news for the last couple of days. I say all, I mean all I have.

First up, here’s a Netsounds Unsigned Rockhopper session from Bella, they must have done a billion of them! Here’s Rae Morris with Don’t Go. Looking a bit confused and nervous at the start there. What’s strange about being in a caravan with a couple of men who are filming you? I kid. Sounds lovely (and nervous looking is the default for lady singers before they fire up in my experience).

Be Like Pablo have T-shirts coming soon. That’s it, short and sweet. May as well keep typing here so it looks like more of a paragraph. Cleavers had a very limited number of sweatshirts made, only 2 left, so if you’re a medium and want a Pizza sweatshirt then go here. Relatively expensive to make but if there’s demand they’ll get some more. It’s chilly, need cozy things. They also passed the 666 fans mark the other day and the 666th fan was Toby Michaels of Toby Michaels Rolling Damned. Fitting.

Houdi will be taking a break from the whole blogging and band photo thing, well he might still be taking band photos but for the craic probably. Before shutting down he’s put up one more of the WTF entries with Ross “Roadway” McEwan which you can read here. Busy year ahead for a very hard working rocker that.

Lead singer of Scooty and the Skyhooks and solo vocalist in her own right Sarah Mackay has a new dance tune out. It’s called I Can Make You Happy and was done with…Clubland Good Times I think? Scroll down past the very large picture of her pretty face to hear it.

Back to rock gods, bit less pretty as well (no offense fellas). Estrella have had a few run ins with the law lately, documented here. The last one was down to looking a bit shady while failing to find a parking space, but they got an escort to one. They aren’t bad lads really.

Couple of videos from local music guru Rob Ellen. First up his band The Slim Panatellas with guest Lee-Anne Cornwall in home away from home The Greenhouse, tracks called In The Jailhouse Now. Great stuff. And he recorded a wee house session with Scott and Farquhar MacDonald ahead of their album coming out. You can see that here. And bloody brilliant it is too.

Cactus & Cardigan continue their quest to make it impossible for me to play them on the radio. They have a new demo up on the band page part of their page called The Money Shot. It’s about porn. Soooo won’t be playing that then.

Couple of things for Roads to Damascus. First off, they now have a drummer and bassist again. Welcome Colin Sanders smacking the drums and James “Jazz” Henderson slappin da bass. Violent stuff music. And here’s a video for ya, Life For Sale. Good stuff.

And finally, if you are a heavy metal music making person from the Highlands you should probably head over to Highland Heavy Promotions. The name is pretty self explanatory.

That’s you, and me, all caught up. See you in a day or so 🙂 Give the Facebook page a like if you haven’t already, and if you feel very generous give my movember efforts a couple of quid. Thanks in advance

Music Catch Up 17/11/2012

Can’t really call it music news when I’m still catching up on stuff as it isn’t all fresh. SO until I do so it will be called a Catch Up. Cause that’s what it is.

Dunno if I’ll get to new folks today. Here’s a couple of PAWS videos. First up, contains flashing images, from their show in Berlin here’s Hospital Song and Sore Tummy. And there’s also a video from a show in Luzern, Switzerland of Poor Old Christopher Robin. Great stuff.

Abagail Grey has picked her/their location for the EP launch. It’s at the Velocity Cafe and Bike Shop in Inverness. If you don’t know where that is, and I didn’t, it’s right before you get to the Midmills college building if you come from the East Gate/up that big assed hill. Details here.

Couple more videos for you now, this time from Cactus & Cardigan on home turf. First up is Brown Bagger and Boner Killer filmed in the Newmarket Venue at last weekend Bull River Mini Fest. Second, not on home turf, Crab Sea Nesquick filmed in the Elgin Youth Cafe. And finally George Michael Cums Cobwebs filmed at the Blackstairs Lounge in Wick.

Capitals are hard at work on a new record and think that the last couple of tracks are the best they’ve ever done. Which is good as you’d want to be improving over time, even if you are already ace. Look forward to hearing it!

I mentioned the name on the last post and now they have they’re very own page. So go over and like Furry Vengeance as they are well good eh? Nice one.

Houdi has received a fair few emails in the last week. No, I haven’t hacked his computer he’s just posted a couple more of the WTF are you up to? answers. SO in a slightly random order here is this entry with answers from Fraser from the Whiskys, Donald McColl, Barry Mackay, Davy Cowan and Colin Fraser. And this entry from Jake Bolt.

Inverness Gigs posted an interview with RythmnReel ahead of the CD launch which is tonight! Better grab your shoes and shift it if you want to catch that. Anyway, interview is here.

And I’ll finish off with this video of Leonard Jones Potential‘s lead singer Michelle Newell doing a wee acoustic number called Slow. And very lovely it is.

No newbies today unfortunately, long weekend for me though so should be some in the next post which should be sooner than a week from now. Yay for that!

Music News 02/11/2012

Hey kids, the catch up continues

During the hiatus Desecrator launched his You Tube channel, so a couple of hunks of death metal for you there. He’s also wanting to do an all-dayer (not sure that’s a real phrase) of metal sometime next year in Inverness. If you are interested then give him a shout at the page there. Also also if you are in a country that isn’t Scotland and want your town Desecrated, also give him a shout (assuming you are in a gig putting on position). Be warned that this should only be from April next year onwards as he’ll be taking a wee break.

Usual gig rumblings and the like from Donald Macdonald (and the Islands). They’re off on tour, will be hitting our area BUT not until December. It’ll be in The List when that month arrives. In the mean time here’s a wee taster of the live show they played at 13th Note Glasgow a couple of weeks back. Lot of crowd chatter, SHUT THE HELL UP THERE’S MUSIC ON!

Estrella have been on a bit of a European jaunt, think the tour may be over now actually. Check the end of the paragraph. Anyway before the end of the paragraph here’s a pre tour video of them pimping out their van. Then they gave up on videos so have a look at the page for pictures of the rest of the van upgrading and bits and bobs of the tour. Which is finished. Well, tonight is the last night. Suspense OVER.

Very eclectic post this, but music is like that. Anyway here’s some footage of Feis Rois senior class for this year playing some music. Bloody army they have there! Rather good they are too. And Fèis Rois Ceilidh Trails have been nomination for a Scots Trad music award in the Community Project of the Year category. You can vote for them here.

Local photographer and blogger (regardless of the title of the blog) Houdi has had a rather ingenious idea and fired off emails to a number of acts that he’s snapped over the last….I dunno how long it’s in there somewhere probably asking “What the fuck are you up to now?”. He’s had a number…I dunno how many count them yourself…of replies. Here’s part 1 and here’s part 2 in a series of….I don’t know how many. Good though, nice idea.

Iain McLaughlin and the Outsiders supported Turin Breaks in the news hiatus, putting on an acoustic (more or less) set with added fiddle. Bit gutted I missed it really. Thanks to the power of technology I don’t have to miss ALL of it though and neither do you. Here’s a rather lovely version of Don’t Speak from that gig.

I do link the other local sites, as evidenced two paragraphs ago, but only exclusive stuff like interviews and that. So to close off here’s a slightly belated because I fell behind interview from Inverness Gigs with the awesome Dingus Khan. I caught and reviewed half the gig, next time they are up (and I hope there is a next time) I’ll hopefully catch the other half as well as they were bloody mentally brilliant.

That’ll have to do you for tonight. Shall take a wee while to catch up, bear with me. I’ll get er done as quick as possible. Give the Facebook a like, listen to the show , all that good stuff. Be back soon with more.

Music News 18/09/2012

Hey kids, here’s what’s been happening for the last couple of days.

Part of the reason there was no news post yesterday, besides there not being much, was that I was at a meeting/audition for ABC Radio Alness. It’s a new community radio project that’ll be streaming online, making it a world wide thing really, from the 22nd of October. And yours truly will have a show on it. Not sure when or the length, 1 or 2 hours, but will plug the hell out of it. My show will feature, besides me talking, some of the finest music that the Highlands and Islands has to offer. As I’d run out it’ll also feature unsigned or indie label bands from wherever but the main focus will always be the locals. Go like that Facebook page and keep and eye out here for announcements when it will be on and that. Local acts, no need to contact me as you are already on the play list. I’ll contact you if I don’t have anything to use though. ENOUGH ABOUT ME!

Thought it would be a bit sparse but there’s a few things. What looks like the last of those carnival clips from Rachel Sermanni. Her album is out, I’ve reviewed it, and you should go buy it. She’s iTunes UKs single of the week as well! That ought to help things along, maybe the whole chart won’t be piss poor for once. In case it is, arm yourself with some good music (yes including Waltz) by checking out the latest Netsounds Unsigned podcast right here. Sorted.

Wee bit of Hamish Roberts for you now. First off something called Jungle Jam with Django, think of it like a one man guitar remix. Just Hamish riffing on some stuff and having a run around. Some damned impressive bits and bobs. That may be classed as jazz, can’t believe I was tricked in to watching jazz. *shakes fist at sky*

An actual remix now, courtesy of The LED. This is Skrillex & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley with Make It Bun. I’ll be honest, I saw Skrillex there and nearly ran in the other direction because that’s dubstep init? But nah it’s not too bad actually. God damned news column is making me listen to stuff I wouldn’t normally and actually enjoy it.

Wait, that’s the point.

If you aren’t already a fan of Team Kapowski, go and become one. In addition to providing some quality hip hop tunes they also provide a weekly web comic. Season 2 of the comic starts tomorrow and you can read season one by clicking their cover photo. And it’s genuinely funny.

Life is a constant learning experience and very few people ever get to the point where they can’t learn a thing or two about a thing or two. It’s not a new page but I just came across it (courtesy of a share by Houdi Don’t Blog) that puts you in touch with music tutors, or tutors in touch with people who want to learn. Whether you want to improve your voice or playing, or learn a new instrument or something, you should probably check out Music Lessons Inverness.

And finally, a pair of PAWS videos. Recorded live at Indie Indie in Amsterdam this is Sore Tummy, first single off forthcoming album Cokefloat!, followed by Bloodline. Lo fi recording but fine stuff.

That’s your lot. No news tomorrow as I’ll be at the Battle of the Bands in the Eagle. See you there aye? And if you go like the Facebook page NOW you could be the 100th to do so. Which would be nice.

Music News 16/09/2012

Hey kids, here’s what’s been happening with local acts over the last day.

You get some pretty amazing buskers sometimes. Not sure what city this is, wanna guess Glasgow but I couldn’t be WAY off. The fact that she’s at the Ramsbottom Festival today would suggest I am. Anyway this lassie on the violin is no bad. If she could sing or that she might be able to get an album or something. I am of course yanking your chain, that’s Rachel Sermanni. Today is Carnival Album Day apparently which is….I have no idea. Just her celebrating tomorrow’s album launch I’d think. Here’s another video, inside this time I think though it might not be, of a song called In The Hollow. Funky bluesy number, aided by Jez Hellard on the harp.

Houdi has been firing up more videos from Jocktoberfest. I’m very glad to say that the first one is Esperi, and I’m less glad to say you can hear me blabbing at the start (“get this man a sofa, he’s earned it” at 9.30 “bloody hell. Why’s this guy not number 1?”). Actually heard myself a few times. WAS paying attention Chris, honest. We were talking a bit as we were marvelling. You can catch a WEE bit of the level of awesome looping that he does towards the end of the video. Also not 1 but 6 videos from the Mystic Shoes set. Here’s the end of Viva Las Vegas and all of Stray Cat Strut I think, Man in Black, not sure on the name, Ace of Spades, not sure (could guess but won’t) and finally Tears of a Clown. Very funky set as you can see/hear. Thanks for filming this stuff so people can see what they missed and get a ticket next year.

Roads to Damascus have an Indiegogo campaign to get some funding together so they can make their third album. Head over here and chuck a few dollars their way. Dollars because indiegogo don’t know other countries exist. Anyway the easiest thing to do is just pre-order the album. That’s what I’ve always done, and will once I HAVE money. It’s generally the cheapest (certainly in this case) or one of the cheapest things to get from these campaigns and all you are doing is buying an album, which you would do anyway if you’re supporting a band.

And finally, breaking with my own rules a bit because I hadn’t seen this before, a goNorth/Netsounds Rockhopper session. This is Toby Michael’s Rolling Damned performing Love Money. Jonny Gash showing off his Milton accent at the start there. That’s how we all talk in this village, we put on the Scottish accents when we leave.

And that’s it, wee bit more than I expected down to the videos! Have fun, weekends near done. Like the Facebook page which is nearing the 100 mark! Mental. Thanks for reading