Music News For The Highlands Part 2 13/01/2013

And the news continues (part 1 here). This isn’t in any particular order btw. I should get that printed on a t-shirt…

Nut Productions: The young fellas are back releasing videos again and hit the milestone of 200 YouTube subscribers as a result, well done guys! They’re latest offering is a rather subtle video for local singer songwriter Dylan Tierney. Here’s Dylan with Do You Ever Think? He’s new to me and damned good. Dunno if Barry and Ryan are reading but if you are I think he’d be a good shout for a Furry Vengeance / either of you solo support.

Brew At The Bog: My own preview piece for BatB is still being worked on and once it’s fully completed (may be a while, I’m checking out each band, sticking a description in and contacting bands for music for the radio. Time consuming!) I’ll spread the word. Until then if there’s any update to the line up I’ll let you know here. Like this: Three new acts have been added to the line up and they are Discopolis, Kitty The Lion and Miaoux Miaoux. I love how that last two seem to be related. Tickets are available here, and physically at Brew Dog bars and stores. And if you are going say so at this event.

Inverness Gigs: The fellow band bothering website has been nominated for a Highland and Islands Media Award! Congratulations to everyone over there, lovely bunch of people who do some fine work. Like this piece on Music + which would be of interest to the young musicians out there and I can’t be bothered writing my own.

The Newmarket Bar: Some sad news now. The Newie has closed, though it may pass on to someone else who has a passion for music. I’ve never been but many artists have expressed a love for the place and they were getting some amazing acts playing up there. Hopefully it won’t be too long before those up north have a cracking venue again.

Matt Stockl: Sometimes it’s a bit tricky to tell if a tune is by a solo project or the band. Matt is the lead singer in Naked Strangers but I’m 90% sure this is one of his and not the bands. So, the latest from the Ullapool musician is called Saturate Me and you can listen to it here. Very nice it is too.

Cleavers: The boys are hard at work on some new tunes that are a bit poppier but also heavier and more concise (I’m quoting) and will be dropping some of the older stuff from their set. Listening to the newest EP (Life is Shit, buy it here) compared to the earlier stuff you can hear them coming together solidly as a band so I’m very much looking forward to that. Enough waffling from me though, here’s a video for Brian Johnson’s Hat slightly badly mimed in a Dundee Travel Lodge. Now that’s fucking PUNK, tea and coffee making facilities BIATCH!

Furry Vengeance: Not ones to piss about the Furry’s have some merch on the way. Not one but 4 t-shirt designs, which look like they’ll be available in long and short sleeve t versions. You can see those designs here and I’ll be getting my hands on one when they’re available for sure. When that is….I dunno, but I’ll let you know when I know. Or at least the weekend after I know.

Cactus and Cardigan: They started recording their debut EP a few days back. That’s it, not all the news posts are big. And even if I can’t play the stuff on my show I know a man who can .

That’s your lot for this week. You can here 2 hours of great unsigned and independent music, including some from the locals, with me yammering in between from 6-8pm on a Monday and Tuesday at and ABC Radio Alness on the TuneIn app. They’ll go up on the mixcloud after as well. The picks for 2013 are staying up there all month but normally shows are only available for a week. For site updates please like the Facebook page and you can now follow on Twitter. And you may have noticed that the site has a proper URL now so welcome to 😀

Music News 23/12/2012

Well what do you know, there is some stuff for you after all. No rest for the wicked I guess so….

First up, a couple more of those Inverness Gigs look backs. So here is Mr Toby Michaels, Miss Josephine Sillars and Mr Iain Mclaughlin‘s takes on 2012. Nearly at 2013 already!

And if you don’t want to read there’s a couple of videos for you to stare at/just listen to. From Be Like Pablo there’s a requested Christmas cover of Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakey Stevens. And bizarrely from the same town Sid Innes, weird co-incidence that, has an original seasonal tune for everyone. It’s called The New Dawn Is Here and it’s at that link there.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow, or Christmas Day if you prefer as it’s repeated, tune in to for my Christmas special. Hosted mainly by Santa it features music from unsigned and indie artists like what the show normally does but all Christmassy. That’s from 3-5pm both days. Right now though Marion Scott on MFR is doing HER Christmas special, odd track cross over there no doubt, so go give that a listen. She has celebrity guests and stuff too, should be cracking.

Music news 13/12/2012

Hey kids, here’s the news for the last snowy day in the snowy Highland music scene. Where it snowed. YAY!

First up, another one of them The Ragazzi videos. This is Workshy Wannabe. There could be a fair few more of these as they do quite snappy little numbers generally. Can’t say for sure though.

Secondly, another video but this one is from the Red Kites and Friends. It’s a christmas song called, imaginatively, Christmas Song. Fair chance that should be “Health and Safety Christmas” though. It’s jaunty, fun and poifect.

And lastly, some reading for you. Here’s another Inverness Gigs look back on 2012, this time with the boys from Last Summer Effect. They’re part of the competition at this week btw, so you should probably listen out for the questions there eh?

That’s your lot, enjoy playing in the snow if you have some 🙂

Music News 12/12/2012

Hey kids, here’s the news from the last couple of days. And happy soundcheck/roadie day to all you tech bods out there. One two, one two, two, OH, one two. (most people leave the two, OH out)

First off, a bit of a change from those look back at the year articles from Inverness Gigs. This one is with brand new band Furry Vengeance, haven’t existed for a year so couldn’t do one anyway. Hell, they haven’t played a gig yet. It’s an enhancement/expansion/re-imagining of Barry and Ryan’s stuff so they KIND OF have…

Next up, a couple of videos from that The Ragazzi gig last Friday at The Eagle. First off a new one called Crystal and second off Phantom. Quality stuff.

And finally the Cleavers have an excellent video for the excellent The Posters Are Falling Off My Walls which is excellent and can be seen here. I’m loving the new trend, I say trend I’ve seen two, for making videos using vintage footage. This also has the boys dicking about at Halloween.

That’s it, will be back with more when there is some. I’m also renaming everything along the lines of Fried Gold Music so the names will change but everything will remain the same really. As this is vastly more a music site than everything else it makes sense. Plus a rather popular movie reference is hard to get user names and the like in. Facebook page has already changed. Shouldn’t really effect you at all at the moment but mentioning it all the same. Cheers!

Music News 10/12/2012

Hey kids, here’s all the news that’s fit for youse from the last couple of days there.

First off, local Electro bods Them & Us have a new EP out. It’s called Neon Lights, you can buy it here and the one track I know for a fact I’ve heard at time of writing (8 Days) is pretty damned good actually. I know that sounds like huge amounts of surprise and it’s not, I’m just not a huge electronical music person.

Congratulations to the folks at Bogbain Farm on another award win! They scooped up Venue Of The Year at the Scots Trad Music Awards. Good stuff, well deserved.

If like me you missed The Ragazzi playing in the Eagle, pants eh? Not them, missing it. WELL the good news is that most of the set will be coming out in video form in the next little while. First video is here and it features original tune Ask Myself Why and a cover of The 5,6,7,8’s Woo Hoo. Bloody good they both are too.

Roads To Damascus collaborated with Dyke Primary School to do a wee christmas single. You can hear it on Soundcloud here and it’s for sale at all of your digital download site places. LET’S GET THEM TO CHRISTMAS NUMBER 1!!! Okay that might be a stretch, but go buy a copy and raise some money for the kiddies. I had a mate who went to that primary school. Yes, I chuckle at the name.

And finally another Inverness Gigs look back with the lovely Megan Blyth who completely fails to mention that the highlight of 2012 is meeting me. That being a life highlight for most people it’s understandable though. I am speaking nonsense.

That’s your lot. If you see this as soon as it’s gone up then head on over to at 6PM to hear the show, I’m on until 8.