Headway Highland Charity Gig 5th April Preview

I’ll be honest with you, I had a bit of trouble starting this piece as it has to be somewhat serious. You may recognise the name of the headline young artist there, he’s hit the local scene quite recently and made quite a splash. Alas, things didn’t quite start as well for young Dylan. When he was very young, younger than any of us can remember things from, he lost his mum. It started with a headache which lead her to the hospital. She was prescribed pain killers that she couldn’t get due to it being the weekend, and refused further treatment until she’d gotten them (bar an injection for the pain from her GP). Over the next two weeks she suffered headaches on and off before collapsing and being rushed to the brain unit in Aberdeen. Unfortunately it was too late and she passed away. So essentially, Dylan never really knew his mum. I find that especially sad as 1)my mum is awesome and that would suck and 2)she (and I) nearly died when I was born due to the epilepsy that she suffered from at the time.

In honour of Kelly there’s going to be a gig, the poster may have given that away, in support of Headway Highland. They are a charity who promote an understanding of all aspects of brain injury and provide information, support and services for people who have suffered a brain injury, their families and carers. (I’ll admit I copied and pasted that bit from the FB page as I couldn’t write it any better). The poster says a fiver but I’m sure no one would mind if you used a different bigger note to get in.

It’s not all altruistic though, you get to hear the following:

Emily Mackinnon – Can’t understand a word of the first tune on her Soundcloud as it’s in gaelic, but not a problem with the Mumford tune. They both sound absolutely lovely
Jemma Tweedie – No way I need to say anything about her. She sings, she plays guitar, she was on the show, she’s ace etc etc
Meeshelle – Doesn’t play anything as far as I know so she’ll have someone along to do that bit. Or not if I’m wrong. Lead singer of the funky Leonard Jones Potential, soulful and powerful voice. Lovely stuff.
Sara Bills and The Hasbeens – very generous band these guys as they do a fair bit of charity gig work. Also means it’s not just Dylan representing the boys. Sara is a girl obviously, the Hasbeens aren’t though. Y’all have heard them before. Just on Monday there actually
and of course
Dylan Tierney – the main man himself. A sound and talent for someone way older than he is, the next Jake Bugg, someone I haven’t seen live yet and probably won’t this time because of the flippin bus. Catch him now so you can tell people you saw him back when.

EXTREMELY generous at the price that and you’ll be doing some good with your weekends entertainment budget. Get along to Nellie Dean’s!

Music News 21/12/2012

Hey kids, possibly the last music post as the Mayans did a calender but didn’t put a clock along with it so not sure when the world was meant to end. Sure The Doctor is stopping it as I type though so here is a couple of videos for your enjoyment.

First up from Abagail Grey there’s a live front room recording of Bee from Snowflake Remember. A review of that will be coming shortly. The EP, not the video. You can just watch the video for yourselves. It’s a duet between Abagail Grey and Meeshelle. Right now I can’t tell you if the EP version is or isn’t as I’ll be picking up my copy in about 20 minutes.

Next up, Jamie from Be Like Pablo has done an acoustic cover of a Christmas tune that’s not really all that Christmassy when you get down to it. It’s by East 17, slightly younger people know them as E17 and young people know them as who the hell are they? Stay Another Day then. Good cover that, even if it makes the singer a bit uncomfortable.

And finally, Phillipe from PAWS did a dirty wee acoustic laptop recording of a new tune one morning. It’s called Asthmatic and you can get it for a quid. All proceeds go to Cancer Research UK so it’s like putting money in a bucket BUT you get a rather good song for it instead of just a chinking noise as the money hits the bottom. Which is nice. Has a bonus track vibe to it.

That’s your lot. Things are a bit quiet at this time of year so who knows if there’ll be another news post for a few days. I’m on the radio tomorrow between 2 and 3PM and taking requests, so feel free to ask for your favourite Christmas tune. http://www.abcradio.co.uk or ABC Radio Alness on the TuneIn App. Also a review of that Abagail Grey EP and if all goes to plan a review of tomorrow nights Donald Macdonald (And the Islands) gig in the Greenhouse. I believe Alice from the Young Trees is supporting so well worth battling through the torrential rain for that.

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Music News 16/12/2012

Hey kids, here’s the bits and bobs from the last day or so.

First up, Be Like Pablo have gotten themselves some t-shirts. They cost a tenner, come in various colours and you can get them here. I’ll hopefully be able to get my hands on a Heather Royal one soon.

The guys at Netsounds Unsigned have released the first of what might be a few lists. This one is for best albums of 2012 and they haven’t limited themselves so some bigs boys on there. Fully agree with a couple but won’t be doing that myself. I’ll just be doing a ones to watch show for the locals on Monday and not locals on Tuesday, Hogmanay and New Years Day. Dreading doing that as it is!

Speaking of lists the boys over at PAWS, well Phillip anyway, has picked his five favourite gigs of theirs for A Music Blog, Yea? That’s it’s name, I’m not being snarky or anything.

And finally, a new one for the blo….WAIT I’ve posted a video of her before. BUT she’s now played her first solo gig, and there are not one but 4 videos from it. Here’s Meeshelle, lead singer of the Leonard Jones Potential, accompanied by Ant who I think is also from the LJP with Take The Time, Slow, The Rendevous and Beggin which is a cover of a Frankie Valli track. All videos from that first gig in Mad Hatters, so back ground chatter happened…

That’s your lot. Don’t forget to tune in to http://www.abcradio.co.uk tomorrow night between 6 and 8pm for heaps of great unsigned and independent music, and give the Facebook page one of them likes