Music Catch Up 22/11/2012 (AND I’M ALL CAUGHT UP NOW, YAY!)

Still on catch ups, may not be caught up with this post as the second item is super time sensitive!

First though, something that isn’t. A wee video of PAWS from their set in Berlin. Bit scrappy, but this is The Bubble Boy.

As for time sensitive, well it needs to be up before 8PM. Jemma Tweedie will be live in session on ECFM and you can hear it here . Looks like my station but in East Lothian there. Boo hiss! Nah it’s all good, I plan to listen. I’m also planning to start sessions at some point including one with Jemma eventually. Yay!

And finally for recent stuff, you guessed it Rachel Sermanni. First off a session that I don’t have time to listen to or that would be all there is for this post. Live uit Lloyd which is foreign, can’t remember where, and I guess means Live With Lloyd. She also does a tour blog on Tumblr which I haven’t linked until now as I’m a tube. And I don’t have a Tumblr.

Right, on to the catch up bit.

Two bits of news for The Maginot Band, both vague. They are on this podcast….somewhere. Not sure which one to be honest. And they have two new singles coming, one next month and one in January. Dates imminent and I for one can’t wait as I’ve been listening to them a fair bit lately. Brilliant stuff.

They have a couple of dates pending, keep an eye on The List, so you’ll be able to hear The Ragazzi live soon. You can hear them not live NOW though via soundcloud. New uploads are Ask Myself Why recorded live at The Greenhouse and Fresh Faced. Haven’t listened yet, will shortly, sure they are both ace.

Alas, Thousand Stars have decided to call it quits. Two members are off to new projects though. Andrew “Badger” Stewart is now the bassist for Furry Vengeance and Marc-Andrew Davidson has gone all solo accoustic.

I had a wee display driver fail so I assume this has video I can’t see. Here’s the Slim Panatellas playing the BSA festival in France last month.

Toby Michael’s Rolling Damned have plans, big plans, MOVIE plans. Before that they’re making a preview trailer thingy and therefore need actors. I’m one, so I’ve gone for it. And I’m not telling you how as there’s only two male roles and one female one. Only joking, go here if being in a film is a little bit of what you fancy. It’ll do you good.

AND I’M ALL CAUGHT UP! YAY! So next one will be a news post and hopefully I’ll never fall behind that badly again. Whew.

Music Catch Up 21/11/2012

Not sure why I’m putting dates on these really

Not a local gig but a local band. If you find yourself in Glasgow on the 6th of December you should go and see Donald Macdonald (And The Islands) playing in King Tut’s. The only reason I’m mentioning this? You can get a cheaper ticket if you get it direct from the band.

Something else you can get now as it’s just come out is Jock’s Juke joint Vol 2. A handful of tracks from volume 1 have had pretty extensive play on the radio show and the standard on volume 2 looks to be just as high, possibly higher, so you won’t regret picking one up.

That’s it for catching up, on to some new folks. Well not new, just not caught up.

I don’t think he’s ever appeared in a news post though he’s on the list of locals, what with local being really bloody big around here. So Roddy Woomble then. I saw him waaaaaay back earlier in the year at the Ironworks and it was a damned fine gig. As part of the set he played a couple of tunes from the forth coming album which will be coming forth in March next year. You’ll be able to buy one of 1000 limited edition ones before the end of the year though. Details when there are some. In the mean time there’s a couple of wee videos for you so you know what you’ll be getting, roughly anyway. First up My Secret Is My Silence recorded at a club CALLED Glee, he wasn’t on the show. Next up from the same gig Silver & Gold. Then there’s a couple from a session with Clean Slate Music. Here’s Every Line Of A Long Moment followed by A New Day Has Begun.

As I’ve reported before, Siiga has been releasing a new track each month of the year to build up an album by the end of it. It’s been over a month so there’s a new track. If you listen to the radio show it’s been played twice, if you don’t then the track is here. It’s called Embers and it’s lovely.

Team Kapowski have been well quiet. BUT the last comic was posted in the break, so click on the link to their page and check out the cover image.

Another scrappy video for you now from what was probably one hell of a gig. The Ballachulish Hellhounds supported Hayseed Dixie around a month ago and this is a wee bit of that. Ace.

Another video, another short but sweet update, completely different type of music. A remix by The LED is what you can here in the background of this Red Bull video of motorcross nutters. No idea if it’s through the whole video or not.

And we’re down to only ten bands that I need to look at. I know for a fact a couple of them have a couple of things, but on the flip side a couple probably don’t. So I expect I’ll be all caught up in a couple of days tops and this can go back to being news posts. Nice one.

Music Catch Up 19/11/2012

And so it continues. Not sure how much there will be in this as it’s getting on and I have a looooooong day tomorrow.

One piece of not catch up news. Apparently if you go to this page you are in with a chance of winning two tickets to Daft Funk in Dingwall on the 30th. I have no information beyond that. It’s nice to give to charity anyway.

How good are the Red Kites? Inter-species good, that’s how good. This dog is jamming along with them after all. Oh it’s all gotten a bit You’ve Been Framed hasn’t it… And that’s actually all I have for you from them as besides that it’s pretty much just been gig news, and they’re all down in England.

How’s about some Roadway then? Well in addition to meeting all the Star Trek captains (just Ross) it’s all go on recording the album. And there’s footage to prove it. This is how it started, how things are so far along I don’t know. I mean REALLY, is this how an album gets finished? COME ON GUYS! In all seriousness the drums and bass are done, think the guitars might be too. Keys and vocals not sure on. But they HAVE been working hard. This video contains actual work. See, it’s not all pizza and laundry. Some of it is making blanket forts.

And finally, yeah I said this might not have much in it, an artist who is normally quiet decided to post not 1 but 4 new tracks while I wasn’t paying very close attention. That’s good though. So here is some possibly scrappily recorded stuff by Robert King. Track one is called The Adventure, track two is Children of Children, track three is Dust and finally The Lesson Of The Mirror. Mighty fine stuff.

I DOUBT there will be a post tomorrow as I have a 15 hour day ahead of me, 12 of them working, before I get back home. Wednesday fo sho though as I’m committed to getting caught up. Even if it is just a wee bit at a time.

Music Catch Up 18/11/2012

The catch up continues! With all “new” people as the ones I’m caught up with didn’t really have much.

In addition to the regular podcast, won’t bother linking those but easy enough to find, the guys at Netsounds Unsigned have done a few more of their introducing posts. So here’s one on Verse Metrics, one on Three Blind Wolves and one on This Silent Forest.

The fine young fellows at Nut Productions have been rather quiet but I do have 3 videos of theirs to point you at (I’m going back to October 9th remember, hence why that’s relatively quiet). So first up here’s a local not local artists called Nick Murray doing an original called Once Upon a Time. He’s from Glasgow but is based in Tain, making him local not local opposed to the not local locals which are people who have moved away from here. Confused? Doesn’t really matter anyway. The other two videos are with not even slightly locals. Here’s Bastille doing an acoustic version of their track Bad Blood and then having a wee interview. Good get for the boys as they are taking off.

Oh lord, I’ve finally reached her. Rachel Sermanni time then. Here’s hoping she’s had a quiet month and a half. Nope, 21 links for you. I’ll try and organise them in some fashion. Won’t be chronological as I had a PC crash while collating the info.

So, video sessions or live from concerts. First up this French one of Ever Since The Chocolate, fully expect repeat tunes btw. And from the same Frenhc people, The Fog. Here’s one you’ve probably only heard if you saw her at a festival or possibly live. The Burger Van Song, inspired by working at a burger van at festivals. Be nice to the service people folks. From the same gig, here’s Marshmallow Unicorn. And here’s Sea Oh Sea (aka The Pirate Song). Puzzle Inn in Sowerby Bridge looks like a nice wee place! And this is from Ziggo Live, a TV show in Amsterdam. Interview and 3 session tracks, I assume it’s like their Jools Holland. Finally, here’s an artfully shot video of Bones filmed in what looks like an art gallery and sounds like a cafe, I think in Milan.

Radio sessions, I think there’s a couple. This one here is three tracks recorded for Folk Radio UK. And there’s this one for daytrotter which you have to subscribe to, 14 day trial. Dunno if it’s worth signing up for the paid service or not. She’s on form on this one though. Here is an interview with CUTV/Xpress Radio where the presenter really should have used that pop filter and maybe have dropped the gain a bit (everyone is a critic…). And here is the session that goes along with it. I think it might be a student production so I shouldn’t be so critical really.

Miscellaneous blog type things. Here’s a wee video Rachel did when she was leaving Hamburg, which she didn’t want to do. Cover of I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You. Awww. And this one filmed by someone or other features manic laughter and a big assed wave. I guess the bloke in that is Jonny Ray who is credited in this here video of wee bits and bobs from the tour. Says part 1 but I haven’t spotted other parts.

Little vignettes by Quintana films for individual tracks/the album. First up, Rachel getting covered in paint in the Bones one. There’s this one for Sleep, slightly disturbing with a clever edit. A hazy Autumnal memory for Waltz. And this lovely wee Scrabble board one for Marshmallow Unicorn.

And a couple of things that are purely music. First off a Discopolis remix of The Fog. Not my bag, but if it’s yours then it’s free. And here is what I believe is a new track called Lonely Taxi, 2AM from a compilation album called Whatever Gets You Through The Night. Which has some AMAZING artists on it and is also a film (weirdly the very end of Rachel’s track gave me an urge to watch an indie movie without knowing this).

And finally, a wee interview that’s for reading.

AAAAAAAAAAAAND I’m done. Finally caught up with what I knew would be a biggie. Yes, I did watch (or at least listen to) every single damned thing that I linked there. I have now gone slightly mental. Toodle pip!

Music Catch Up 17/11/2012

Can’t really call it music news when I’m still catching up on stuff as it isn’t all fresh. SO until I do so it will be called a Catch Up. Cause that’s what it is.

Dunno if I’ll get to new folks today. Here’s a couple of PAWS videos. First up, contains flashing images, from their show in Berlin here’s Hospital Song and Sore Tummy. And there’s also a video from a show in Luzern, Switzerland of Poor Old Christopher Robin. Great stuff.

Abagail Grey has picked her/their location for the EP launch. It’s at the Velocity Cafe and Bike Shop in Inverness. If you don’t know where that is, and I didn’t, it’s right before you get to the Midmills college building if you come from the East Gate/up that big assed hill. Details here.

Couple more videos for you now, this time from Cactus & Cardigan on home turf. First up is Brown Bagger and Boner Killer filmed in the Newmarket Venue at last weekend Bull River Mini Fest. Second, not on home turf, Crab Sea Nesquick filmed in the Elgin Youth Cafe. And finally George Michael Cums Cobwebs filmed at the Blackstairs Lounge in Wick.

Capitals are hard at work on a new record and think that the last couple of tracks are the best they’ve ever done. Which is good as you’d want to be improving over time, even if you are already ace. Look forward to hearing it!

I mentioned the name on the last post and now they have they’re very own page. So go over and like Furry Vengeance as they are well good eh? Nice one.

Houdi has received a fair few emails in the last week. No, I haven’t hacked his computer he’s just posted a couple more of the WTF are you up to? answers. SO in a slightly random order here is this entry with answers from Fraser from the Whiskys, Donald McColl, Barry Mackay, Davy Cowan and Colin Fraser. And this entry from Jake Bolt.

Inverness Gigs posted an interview with RythmnReel ahead of the CD launch which is tonight! Better grab your shoes and shift it if you want to catch that. Anyway, interview is here.

And I’ll finish off with this video of Leonard Jones Potential‘s lead singer Michelle Newell doing a wee acoustic number called Slow. And very lovely it is.

No newbies today unfortunately, long weekend for me though so should be some in the next post which should be sooner than a week from now. Yay for that!