A Slice Of Fried Gold Playlist for 21/10/2013

Hey everyone, here’s what was on the show this evening:

Shh…Apes! – Painkiller
Roman Nose – The Bombers
Emma Stevens – Riptide
Colin Macleod – Easy Way Out
Fatherson – Take Me Dancing
Lori McTear – Taigh Solais
Spring King – Let’s Ride
Delta Mainline – Harbour Haven Light
Hunter and the Bear – Taliesin
Poor Things – Festival
Alice Bentley – Scottish Rain
Sampha – Indecision
Invited To Go – Between The Lines
The Sorry Kisses – My Own Best Friend
Ho-Ro – Touch The Sky
The Mystic Shoes – American Girl
The Eden House – Hunger
Mark Wynn – Oh Shut Up
Camera Obscura – Troublemaker
OneGirlOneBoy – Dirty Town
The Manic Shine – Tin Crown Kings
Sam Forrest – Skate Park
Toby Michaels’ Rolling Damned – A Little Bit Of What You Fancy

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A Slice Of Fried Gold Radio Show Play List For 23/06/2013

Here’s what you heard on the show this afternoon:

RM Hubbert – V
Over The Wall – Don’t Listen To Them, Son
One Last Secret – Good Night
Tankus The Henge – Cakewalk
Todd Cook – Brilliant Green
Vampire Weekend – Diane Young
Steve Poltz – Conversations With The Moon
Penguins Kill Polar Bears – Sapling
Two Wings – Altars and Thrones
Alabama Shakes – Always Alright
Damn Vandals – The Revenge Of Spider Toothy
My Great Affliction – Good Times To Come
The Hazey Janes – Aspen
Cahalen Morrison and Eli West – Like A Stone
Poor Things – Festival
Red Ronson – Salvador Dali (session Track)
Red Kites – Threads
Red Ronson – Paper Statues (Session Track)
Red Ronson – Sweetheart Be Mine (session Track)
The Mouse That Ate The Cat – Ou Les Morts Est Sont Des Dieux
Sebastopol – Send The Boats

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A Slice Of Fried Gold Radio Show Play List For 26/05/2013

Here’s what you heard on the show this evening:

Jo Mango – Every Certainty
The State Broadcasters – The Writing’s On The Wall
Duncan Overmeer – Words On The Wall
KOBI – All The Way
Tobasco Fiasco – ASBO Culture
Little Fire – High Hopes
Woody Pines – Ham and Eggs
Bull Kelp – Deep Fry
Homework – Thoughts
Jemma Tweedie – Draw The Line
Hoverboards – Woke Up This Morning (Why God Why)
The Oxides – Going Overboard
Dingus Khan – Plank
Be Like Pablo – The Things You Do
Galoshins – Dehydrated Sun
This Good Robot – The Human I Am
Mike Nisbet – Paint
Miniature Dinosaurs – Lip Sync
Shambles Miller – Rapture
Garden Of Elks – Contented Contender
Poor Things – Festival
Searching For Donkeys – Kitty’s Favour
Cleavers – I Wanna Be Your Dog
The Hazey Janes – You Only Stand To Lose If I Stay

And it’ll be up on Mixcloud soon. Next show is on Monday 27/05/2013, 6-8PM GMT at http://www.abcradio.co.uk or ABC Radio Alness via the TuneIn app! Thanks for listening! Subscribe to Fried Gold Music on Facebook and Twitter

Completely Unofficial Brew At The Bog 2013 Guide Preview Thing!

Super duper late as the festival is very soon and tickets are like a very rare thing that’s super rare. You CAN still get some though. Unless you want to camp, then you’re shit out of luck. But it’s fine, the festival is very near Inverness and there are buses back afterwards so don’t worry about that. While not in the complete middle of nowhere like many festivals it’s far enough out that the view is absolutely lovely.

It’s also the only festival I can claim to have been at every year, what with being the second one. Last year was great craic, the music was ace and so was the beer. This year will be great craic, the music is ace (see the rest of this post) and so is the beer. What more could you ask for. Run, seriously, don’t walk to here and get a ticket. What follows is a picture of the stage times then a description of what the acts sound like written by an idiot.

You can also hear what a lot of the bands sound like on my show from this week. Mainly Tuesdays, couple spread about in Monday’s line up too. You can find them here


Eilidh Hadden – Only the one track to go by but she describes herself as electro slash dark folk slash pop. Not huge amounts of folk really, but definitely pop. Wee bit too much pop for my tastes if I’m honest but not bad by any means.

Shambles Miller – Acerbic, whitty and extremely well played folk music. Sometimes of the protest kind, sometimes not. Right down my alley though.

Naked Red – Local boys with a slightly changed line up since I last saw them many moons ago (literally moons, it’s months but quite a few). Purveyors of proper rock music that’s a bit 80’s but not HUGELY 80’s. Very good stuff.

Sienna – VERY diverse band I would have looked like a damned fool if I’d only listened to one track. Sometimes funk, sometimes more like a traditional band, sometimes 60’s pop with a bit of country influence chucked in. If you don’t fancy what you hear go get a beer and come back, you might like that.

Bronagh and the Boys – Local comparisons are easy comparisons. Imagine if Josephine Sillars and Alice Bentley had a baby. Bit like that. Quite poppy soulful music with a piano. At least that’s Bronagh Monahan when it’s her, the Boys implying more of a band situation really. Lovely voice on her.

Sharfla – without reading what they wrote I was pretty much going to write the same, with an extra bit. Slight gothy tinge, but only slight, electro synth pop. Wasn’t sure what I thought and….I’m still not really. They sound very good, not sure if it’s entirely my bag though. Will suit many to a tea though.

Ashley and the Cosmonauts – Amazingly I have yet to catch these guys live proper, bits and bobs now and again, and there’s only a couple of scrappy you tube videos to go on beyond that. Ashley has a cracking soulful voice, the Cosmonauts are a funky bunch, and they’re really nice folks to boot.

JP Jones – Well I don’t know what Welsh Desert Pop is meant to be. I’d say he’s mellowly anthemic. By that I mean plenty of keys and the like, but with strong percussion and melodic singing. Mighty fine stuff.

Davey Horne – pure soul, proper old school stuff too. Souring voice, lyrics about love, rock and roll backing.

Sion Russell Jones – I first saw him at a festival last year. This one in fact, and I was mighty impressed. Unique voice, epic one man band style action (at least he was last year I have no idea if he will have company). Nice bloke too. When you listen to him you might think you’ve heard him before, he has the kind of polish that makes you think he’s a much bigger act. And hopefully one day he will be!

Captains – I’ve only got the one track to go buy but the general vibe of the band is one I like. The track title is a meme reference (Lips that touch liquor don’t touch mine), they used a picture of Orson Welles, the track is a free download and the description is “Tweed and sparkles with a 2000 piece space orchestra.” Musically they are grungy lo-fi pop punk, wee bit Stooges maybe?

Seznec Brothers – Pure folky goodness (well, the odd bit of electric organ and effect thrown in) with a twinge of Americana thrown in for good measure

Seven Summits – Indie rock band. Now that barely means anything so I’m going to try and get all wine critic style description here. Large bit of 90’s influence but with a modern sound. Hints of Ben Folds Five here and there, a bit of Everything Everything now and again. Relatively mellow. Won’t get you drunk. That’s what the beer is for.


Poor Things – Lo fi power pop punk with a California influence. Those sound like real music writer words! Basically, a bit in the PAWS vein of things assuming you’re familiar with them. And if you come here I assume you are.

The Winter Tradition – Quite epic sounding Scottish indie rock. In the vein of a few I could name, but stand their own ground well.

This Silent Forest – I think of them as quite mellow but they can get their loud on too. That will be where the power in the power indie moniker comes in then. Mighty fine band, been a fan for quite some time now.

Trapped In Kansas – They heavily remind me of someone but I can’t remember who it is. You know that band that sound like they do? Them. (I was going to say Twin Atlantic but not sure that fits really). Indie pop rock.

Kitty The Lion – I love Anna’s accent, they’re repeat offenders for Brew, fun and quirky lyrics to the tracks, toe tapping indie pop rock.

United Fruit – Lo fi punky goodness. Mainly anyway, at times they get straight out rocky while keeping the lo-fi vocals. So a bit like Paws then.

Olympic Swimmers – Melodic vocals, funky indie pop rock music, little bit like The Sorry Kisses with a Scottish accent I suppose. That probably means nothing to a lot of you!

James Mackenzie – Local singer songwriter who isn’t local no more, which explains why I haven’t seen him about. Triumphant return to the local area, no doubt playing some new stuff that he has on the way.

Chris Devotion and the Expectations – FANTASTIC retro style rock. Been played on the show a bunch and when I was talking to Yvonne ahead of the first line up announcements she asked who I would suggest (she’d already picked people, it was just gabbing. I don’t have influence or that) and they were one of the names. Which worked out nicely.

Cherri Fosphate – Indie rock trading in some strong licks, well-constructed tunes and a lead singer with an unique voice. Favourites of many DJ/Podcast/Press types and lots of not that kind of people too. And rightly so.

FOUND – ALL CAPS. Ironically, a bit of a challenge to find. Worth it though. Indie pop rock with a bit of electro thrown in plus a chunk of fifties esque rock and roll vibe for good measure.

Homework – they used the word purveyors so I can’t. Electronica, a bit of that indie rock vibe to their stuff, home grown too so extra points.

Miaoux Miaoux – Hilarious that they are next to Kitty The Lion on the line up. Electronica but hold the indie rock bit. Pure electronic stuff, well there are instruments in there too. Very fine stuff too.


Earls of Caithness – 87 piece super funky funk band from the frozen far north. That’ll be where the Caithness comes in then. They rehearse as far north as you can and still be on the mainland, in a lighthouse of all places. Groovy stuff, I may be exaggerating the number of band members.

Verse Metrics – They call themselves melodic/mathy alternative and I know what they are getting at with that. Technically very accomplished music (which sounds dry, I just mean they play real good) in a very mellow rhythmic fashion. Sway, don’t bounce.

Adam Holmes and the Embers – when there’s no accordion there’s a strong 60’s/70’s vibe to these guys, tip of the tongue who they bring to mind. When it’s in that but with a strong celtic root to it. Either way some classic folk music. Don’t think I’m too far off the mark making a bit of a State Broadcasters comparison (at times).

The Stagger Rats – They caused me to google “gutter pop” and I’m still none the wiser. Retro rock style, maybe dark rock n roll is the term. Listen for yourself if you are still in the dark there.

Fake Major – The artists formerly known as Endor, so if I remember rightly this is their second Brew at the Bog technically even though they’ve only been a band since February. Not 100% the same, but if you liked Endor you’ll love Fake Major.

I’ll be doing many of these hopefully, here’s a picture of one I recorded early with a bit of Randolph’s Leap

Randolphs’ Leap – Looooooove these guys and I haven’t even seen the full band live yet! Quirky lyrics, fun style, you have heard them and you should also love them. So good I bought the mug.

Seriously, Donald Macdonald and the Islands go all out

Donald Macdonald And The Islands – Fantastic folk rock band from the west coast. They have their mellow numbers, they have their jumpy ones and they throw it all in to both sides of the coin.

Three Blind Wolves – They describe themselves as folk-tinged psychedelic blues-rock and I can’t argue with that really. A little bit country, a large amount of rock and roll.

The Little Kicks – Another favourite of mine, I do rather like this line up, and I believe they were a pick for the year. Describe themselves as indie disco pop and that fits, but I’d chuck a rock in there too. Frequent fliers on the show.

The Whiskys – If I have to tell you who The Whisky (River Band)s are then you aren’t allowed on the site any more. Go buy Taming of Me, listen to it a lot, then you can come back.

Discopolis – Fine purveyors of….is indie electro a thing? If not I’m making it up, I tend to do that anyway. Electro with an indie rock vibe to it. That. Good stuff.

Prides – If you liked Midnight Lion, and you should have, then that with extra bells on. I saw the previous incarnation supporting Fatherson and they were great. From the one Prides track on show for now the sound has been retained but beefed a bit. They’re a bit Ah Ha if they had Scottish Folk Rock babies. Great stuff.

Top of the bill, rightly so, Fatherson

Fatherson – Favourites of mine and many other people, lovely folks to boot. One of the best loud bands you’ll see along with one of the best quiet bands you’ll see. Varied pace and tone, obviously to an extent, nailing it all the way. They are a bit good.

For some reason I have two bands left over, and I know there was one previously announced act that had to pull out. Doesn’t matter, the above is what you call a cracking line up. CRACKING. Beer isn’t even required to enjoy it but dammit it’s good beer so fill your boots and dance about like idiots. Then long for next May to come around from around….October time like I did for the last 6 months.

A Slice Of Fried Gold Radio Show Play List For 30/04/2013 with Duncan Overmeer in session!

Here’s what you heard on the show this evening:

The Winter Tradition – Send The Waves
Jonathan Powell – A Denial
United Fruit – Go Away, Don’t Leave Me Alone
Adam Holmes and the Embers – Aviemore
The Little Kicks – Far Too Honest
Verse Metrics – Aches
Poor Things – Festival
Trapped In Kansas – Happiness Is An Allegory, Sadness A Story
Donald Macdonald and the Islands – Ghost
The Whiskys – Missed The Point
Bronagh and the Boys – Little Black Dress
James Mackenzie – Something I’m Not Telling You
Cherri Fosphate – Kerry
Kitty The Lion – Fuzzy Felt
Shambles Miller – For The Would-be Woody Guthrie
Chris Devotion and the Expectations – The Girl Is Leaving
Miaoux Miaoux – Hrvatski
This Silent Forrest – Fire At The End Of The Road
Duncan Overmeer – Riverbed (Session Track)
Duncan Overmeer – Rumour Mill (Session Track)
JP Jones – Joy
Michael Cassidy – Battleships
The Stagger Rats – Sleeping Off Ecstasy

And it’ll be up on Mixcloud soon. Next show is on Tuesday 23/04/2013, 6-8PM GMT at http://www.abcradio.co.uk or ABC Radio Alness via the TuneIn app! Thanks for listening! Subscribe to Fried Gold Music on Facebook and Twitter